3 easy ways to fund your medical treatment

When someone in your family falls severely ill, aside from the trauma of the sickness itself, medical expenses and hospital bills can be really damaging to the family. In India, where health and sanitation facilities are not easily accessible or affordable for all, especially in many rural regions, catching a life threatening disease or illness is feared.


The most practical measure to seek help with medical bills is to have medical insurance. But realistically speaking, the greater number of our population may not be able to afford medical insurance. So they resort to other ways, such as applying for loans or asking friends and family for money.


Here are three useful ways to seek financial help for medical treatment:


1.)  Medical Loans: 


medical fund blog-Loan


As long as there are no previous loans or arrears, with the right documentation and verification process, application for financial help for medical treatment in the form of a loan can be raised with the bank for medical emergencies. Alternatively, one can even take a personal loan from a friend or a family member for little or no interest to get help with medical bills.


2.) NGOs or Private trusts


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There are many NGOs and private trusts that have been set up solely to provide financial help for medical treatment to people suffering from a certain medical condition. For instance, there are cancer societies, AIDS trusts, associations for the blind, to name a few. Most of these associations have strong networks with philanthropists, and even government networks, who can offer subsidized treatments and schemes for payments.  


3.) Crowdfunding


medical fund blog- Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is another very effective way to raise funds for medical expenses. This method relies on effectively communicating your urgency for funds to a large number of individuals, groups, and organizations, who can be persuaded to contribute even small amounts through online platforms. There are many crowdfunding portals such as Impact Guru, that one can use to set up their campaign and apply for financial help for medical treatment. While it is a newer method, it is growing in popularity owing to its ease of usage and effectiveness of fund utilization.


When a loved one’s life is in jeopardy, and can only be saved through an expensive medical procedure, the need of the hour is to find any way that you can to get medical help and raise money for treatment.

Worried about paying the medical bills? Sign up to get access to financial help for medical treatment.




Worried about paying the medical bills? Sign up to get access to financial help for medical treatment.

Do you love Marathons? Then you can’t give a miss to these 9 amazing marathons in India – for your life!

Are you crazy about running?


Do you love the thrill of open nature and peace of starkly melodious cityscapes?


Do you prefer creating lifelong memories and indelible conversations as you steam out all that pent up passion and emotion caged inside?


Then marathons are the thing for you. They are the best and the coolest way to gain fitness, have that goal in life and keep the fire of doing big alive inside even when the skies seem to darken up around you.

Trust us! If you are feeling tired of your daily routine- then your salvation lies in running a marathon. And these are the 10 coolest marathons happening right in your backyard, that you can participate in without a shrug.


1.Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon:




Definitely rated and voted as the best marathon in the nation, with a star-studded field of participants that includes running legends and the coolest hot-bods of Bollywood. Give this marathon a try- and feel the bliss of azure Arabian waters, an open sky and some memorable moments spiced up by the intoxicating aura and classy charisma of some of our finest celebrities.


  1. Chennai Trail Marathon




If you are a poet at heart- who loves the warm autumn mystique of the hidden coves and the maddening rhythms of the ever handsome coconut groves- then this marathon is definitely for you. It is a city marathon- but with a course that charts its way through untrodden lakes, unknown parks, and charming alleyways. So give it a shot- for that much needed moment of fitness requiem.


3. Surat Night Marathon


surat night marathon


Love running under the starry sky- with the exotic neons of the city and joyous conversation for some august company? Then this Night marathon in a must for you. And trust us – you won’t miss out on the glam quotient – with superstars like Akshay Kumar – to keep you glitzy-eyed as you burn all those excess calories.


4. Ladakh Ultra- Marathon


22 (1)


Love challenging your body to the farthest limits? Want to feel the peace of unlimited horizons? Then Ladakh Ultra Marathon is a match made in heaven for you. Generally happening in summer, this marathon charts a course through the scenic Nubra valley and the awe-inspiring Khunjerab pass, snaking its way through vistas that could even beat the loftiest of paradises. So join in to get that much-needed boost of peace for your sagging body and enraged consciousness.


5. Goa River run




This is one amazing marathon that you must give a try- primarily because it happens in Goa! Secondly because it runs through a gorgeous trail hugging along the course of Goa’s river of whispers, Mandovi. So now you finally have another excuse to go to Goa!


6. Bengaluru Marathon




Can’t seem to get enough of India’s silicon valley? Love the city of pubs and gardens – for a jazzy sip and some interesting memories? Then Bengaluru Marathon is something that should come first on your marathon bucket list. Traffic may be an issue – but it is more than compensated by world class competition, limitless enthusiasm, and yes, that after-marathon night out at the pub.


7.   Cherrapunji Marathon


real estate in the city


Want to run with the clouds? Talk to sweet little raindrops as it inspires your mind and rejuvenates your body to dream better and bigger? Then Cherrapunji marathon is the one for you. A newbie in the marathon circuit- this one promises to give you timeless moments that you can pean about endlessly as you run through the magical womb of Meghalaya, filled with virgin hills, whispering forests, smiling locals, and skies that parseltongue happiness to you.



8. Airtel Delhi half marathon


How to plant and care for tulips


This marathon is ideally suited for amateur runners, who want a good run- but are not prepared to sweat it out too much. Besides being a half- marathon- this run gives you the opportunity to enjoy the salubrious chill of the Delhi winter, alongside the mesmerizing grandeur of Lutyens Delhi and fresh perspectives of Delhi’s expansive greenery. So don’t give this one a miss for the world.


9. Spice Coast (Cochin) Marathon





Let your ‘soles’ feel the enchanting magic of ‘God’s own land’ by participating in the Cochin Marathon. Give your life that ‘nirvana feel’ and let the brightness of soulful greenery, the peace of sublime sunsets and the love of alluring spices take you into a world- where you don’t just run- but feel the invigorating thoughts of purity as they pulsate through your conflicted nerves. It may not be as glamorous as the other ones- but definitely worth a try.


So satisfy all your thrill and fitness cravings, by running in these and many other amazing marathons.
And guess what, satisfy your conscience too this time- by running for a cause and raising money for them on https://www.impactguru.com/marathon


So, don’t miss a date with your favorite marathon, come 2017!










3 Truly Amazing Initiatives to Motivate You this New Year

We are marching towards a new year with great vigor in the next two days.
Everybody has their brain cells working on New Year resolution lists, ideas, gifts.
Let a quick read on these wow initiatives of 2016 motivate you to enter 2017, inspired.

1. Empowering Women – Valuing Crafts, Generating Livelihood   

RUAS is a nonprofit that is working towards promoting the valuable embroidery crafts of the region while also empowering the local artisan women to earn a livelihood with their talent. Suf is one of the lesser known embroidery art form from the region of Kutch, Gujarat that is being highlighted by them.

RUAS India

Recently, Madhu Jain –India’s leading craft revivalist also showcased the greatness of India’s rich weaving tradition in the first-ever French European India Fashion Week in Paris, an initiative of our Prime Minister co-hosted by Namaste France. October saw the French praising the SUF. Commendable, isn’t it?

2. Helping Animals Stand Back on their Feet