3 Truly Amazing Initiatives to Motivate You this New Year

We are marching towards a new year with great vigor in the next two days.
Everybody has their brain cells working on New Year resolution lists, ideas, gifts.
Let a quick read on these wow initiatives of 2016 motivate you to enter 2017, inspired.

1. Empowering Women – Valuing Crafts, Generating Livelihood   

RUAS is a nonprofit that is working towards promoting the valuable embroidery crafts of the region while also empowering the local artisan women to earn a livelihood with their talent. Suf is one of the lesser known embroidery art form from the region of Kutch, Gujarat that is being highlighted by them.

RUAS India

Recently, Madhu Jain –India’s leading craft revivalist also showcased the greatness of India’s rich weaving tradition in the first-ever French European India Fashion Week in Paris, an initiative of our Prime Minister co-hosted by Namaste France. October saw the French praising the SUF. Commendable, isn’t it?

2. Helping Animals Stand Back on their Feet



PETA, is the first thing that strikes everybody’s mind when we talk about our love for our four-legged friends. But, there are others like Dr.Tapesh Mathur whose efforts go unnoticed. Saluting the vet who has pioneered to create cost-effective prosthetic limbs for animal amputees in India. After having saved a calf named Krishna’s life through this prosthetic successfully; Dr. Tapesh along with his wife Shipra, has given a new lease of life to 35 cows and 2 dogs. They also named their initiative after the little calf – Krishna Limb.

He believes that this virtuous act is his moral responsibility as a human being.
What do you think is yours?

3. Technology Beating the Impossible

April 17 next year, Sagar Baheti will be the first blind Indian runner to run the Boston Marathon – World’s oldest, most competitive and the hardest one to qualify for. This made us all question – Is losing vision really an impediment? Not anymore.

blog canva 3

Inspired from this, we bring to you an invention by Aishwarya, Mudit and Kunal – students of YMCA, Faridabad, Haryana who are defining new possibilities for our visually challenged friends. The sensory belt that they have innovatively designed will make mobility effortless – the belt would measure the distance and inform the person wearing it about the obstacles in the form of vibrations.

Slow salutes, loud applauses, extreme reverence – are these the thoughts running in your head with the wow-ness of ordinary humans who are unsung heroes of our nation?
Good News – You surely have gained some enlightenment this new year!

You too can join the parade in creating, supporting, sharing your imagination for a better society because every thought has the ability to make a difference. Let 2017 be the year of doing good. Take our word, it doesn’t take much time to do something positive.

Don’t believe us? Check here and you will be surely be triggered to care. 

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