This 34-year-old’s entire life changed in a moment…

A young, happy Shobana, who like many of us led a normal life, working at a bank and taking care of her widowed mother, was left bedridden and unable to speak after one incident changed her life forever.

Perhaps, no one in Shobana’s family would forget the night of 1 October 2015, when they suddenly had to rush Shobana to the hospital and watch an energetic 34-year old lie immobile for 4 months in a hospital ward and go through two major brain surgeries.

Shobana grew up with her mother and her elder sister Sukanya in a humble house-hold. Their father passed away when they were very young but their mother somehow managed to educate them. Shobana received her MBA and went on to work and support her family. Everything was alright, until one night as Shobana was returning home from work in an autorickshaw, two men  tried to snatch her purse.The intensity of the pull threw Shobana out of the rickshaw on the road and left her seriously injured. She was immediately admitted to Nanavati hospital where she underwent two major brain surgeries and was treated for almost 4 months. The injuries caused problems in her cognitive development, hampered her mobility and left her bedridden. Shobana couldn’t move or talk.

These were not ordinary circumstances. The family’s income could barely support the heavy treatment cost of Shobana and the long period of treatment ensured that the bills kept piling up. Shobana’s life wasn’t easy too. Her movements were limited as she couldn’t walk, eat and even had trouble speaking.


But Shobana is a fighter. Today, a year and a half later, she continues to fight the odds and is slowly getting better each day. Her sister Sukanya, who has been fighting alongside Shobana the entire time, is gathering all the support she can from friends, family and others to aid Shobana’s recovery.

Shobana is being treated at home now. She needs constant care but due to financial constraints her family can afford a day nurse only for a limited period of time. Her daily physiotherapy and speech sessions are on too. According to her sister, her limb movements are getting better, she sometimes speaks a few words, she is trying to eat on her own and is even attempting to write with her left hand.

The family is hopeful for Shobana’s recovery. However, keeping up with the daily cost of her treatment is becoming difficult. Her sister, Sukanya is raising funds online on Impact Guru to help her and has so far raised around 6 lakh rupees. Their current expense per month is around 1.5 lakh rupees.They are going to need all the help they can get to complete Shobana’s treatment till she gets better.

You can help them by donating or sharing the fundraiser, here.

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