4 Reasons why good storytelling is imperative for your Fundraiser’s success

Storytelling is an integral part of crowdfunding. It is the phase of your campaign that draws people in. Storytelling is the most profound method of persuasion. It brings in the human touch, and speaks to the emotions of people. Communication through an inspiring story, has the power to make or break your campaign. Crowdfunding ideas need story. If you have fundraising ideas and are trying to raise money online you need to learn to tell a story.

Here are some non-negotiable reasons why you need to learn the art of good storytelling, for the success of your campaign.

Stories rather than data, evokes emotions

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Giving a donation is essentially giving a gift. You can’t persuade someone to donate to the education of children in rural areas through statistics alone. An average person won’t even relate to such information. This isn’t to say that statistics aren’t important to your campaign, but they shouldn’t be the focus of your campaign story. Pick the story of one little village girl and her ambitions to get an education and become something in life. People are more likely to connect to that.

Increase awareness of your mission

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People are caught up in their own busy lives. If there is a problem, you need to tell people about it. Simply making a direct request for money is like cold calling. You need to answer every question that the donor may have. Keep in mind the 5 W’s and 1 H of storytelling (what, when, where, why, whom, and how). When you have the answers to these questions in place, half your work is done.

Donors need to know you’re making a difference

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Reassurance is a part of persuasion. When someone donates money to you, you need to let them know why their contribution will make a huge impact. They need to feel like they are solving a problem. Again, it is important to let them know how you will use their funds, but that data shouldn’t be primary. That should be a mere accessory in letting them know that they are making a difference. If you are crowdfunding on a crowdfunding platform or site, you need to tell a story.

Storytelling captures attention

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You need to break through the clutter in order to catch someone’s attention. Storytelling is your best bet to do that, but it’s not one that comes easily. The donor needs to have a personal or an emotional connection to what you’re saying. Capturing attention also involves engaging them. At this point is where you invite them to partake in your story. They need to believe that being involved with your nonprofit will make them part of something bigger.


You have one chance at telling a donor your story, that’s why it needs to be a compelling one.

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