5 Adventure Ideas That Also Help You Do Good

What can make going on a good adventure trip feel even better? When it helps bring a smile on the faces of orphaned children, or help conserve a habitat or power a village or support education for the underprivileged. With the advent of Voluntourism, travellers and adventure junkies have gone a step further to turn their adventure of a lifetime into an adventure that can transform lives as well. Organisations are getting creative with both travel and contributing to a cause. Here are some ideas to make your vacation fun and fruitful.

1) Relief Riders International

Join a camel caravan through the infinite desert of Rajasthan, experiencing both culture and adventure. The journey begins from a 600 year old fort in Harasar and finishes at the one of the oldest villages in Rajasthan, Pushkar. The finish brings you at the right time for the legendary Pushkar Camel Fair, where you can participate in races and a number of other equestrian events. This 15-day adventure takes you through several villages on rural Rajasthan where the relief riders volunteer for various healthcare, education and social welfare activities. Their next trip will in November.

2) Global Adventure Challenges: The Dalai Lama Trek

Beginning in Dalai Lama’s hometown, Dharamshala, the trek is a magnificent 5-day sojourn at the base of the mighty Himalayas, giving you a scenic and a cultural experience. It takes you through the Kingdom of Gaddi and the spectacular highlands and passes of Daula Dhar mountain range, introducing you to Hindu and Buddhist villages on the way. Their charity challenges have helped raise around £15 million. You can choose a charity of your choice to donate to.

3) Mera Terah Run

This rail-road-raise run kind of an adventure started by a young Bengaluru professional has created a huge impact at the grass root level, supporting youth development to conserving forest lands. The run is an endurance project which includes running half-marathon (13 miles) for 13 days in different cities to raise funds for charity. In addition to raising funds through the marathons, it also uses crowdfunding websites to add to the contributions. Here are a few successful crowdfunding campaigns by the organisation.



4) The Adventurists: Rickshaw Run

Defined as the “least sensible thing to do” the Rickshaw Run is a life-changing, tuk-tuk-tumbling, knee-scratching, hell of a journey along the rough, unapologetic terrains of India. Riding around 3500 km by own self, excluding all luxury, in teams of three to four, this is easily the craziest adventure you will ever embark upon. Plus, each team raises fund for a particular cause along the way! Just like team Kohinoor Khiladis who are raising funds for 50 orphan children of SOS Children’s Village Shillong. They are using adventure and crowd funding to help support the education and welfare of these children for a year. You can contribute to their cause here.

5) Huma Charity Challenge

With different challenge types, adventure types and adventure destinations, this is your one-stop shop for doing some good adventure and doing some good. You can trek, run, hike, climb or cycle around the most beautiful terrains around the world. The organisation offers various options. It lets you pick your charity/cause by yourself for the adventure you take or opt for a charity challenge where a group of people supporting the same charity undertake a challenge (something absolutely crazy like trekking the Everest or walking through sections of the Grand Canyon etc.)  You can get more details and register here.

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