5 NGOs providing water for stray animals this summer

Today, animals in India are the biggest victims of exploitation, be it chickens that are shoved into cramped cages in slaughterhouses, or dogs that are mistreated for entertainment. The helpless and voiceless stray birds and animals of India face a lot of problems, some inflicted by human beings, some not, but most are within our ability to solve. For instance, we all know the torturous heat the Indian summers bring. But did we ever consider how the homeless, shelterless, and helpless stray survive the soaring temperatures? This year, despite financial limitations and lack of Government support, there are a handful of animal lovers and welfare NGOs that are dedicated to providing bowls of water to stray animals and birds.


Prayas Youth Foundation

Their mission is to save the lives of animals and birds who die of dehydration due to the scorching heat. The water bowl project by the Prayas Foundation will last the time span of the summer months in India – April 2017 to June 2017, in Aurangabad. They are raising funds on Impact Guru for the purchase and installation costs of water bowls made of cement, clay, or plastic, all over the city.


Animals Matter To Me

AMTM is a Mumbai based animal welfare NGO which was established by committed animal enthusiasts who wanted to create a healthy and clean ecosystem for animals and birds in Mumbai. This summer they have taken up the humble deed to provide water for animals and birds in several localities, as part of the #PledgeABowl initiative. The task is simple – they will put out bowls filled with water in places that are easily accessible by birds as well as the stray cats and dogs. Doing this in several areas of Mumbai will ensure that majority of them survive the heat, and don’t die of dehydration. Their operations will run on the donations from kind individuals and corporates, who donate towards this campaign, to cover expenses of installation and purchase of water bowls.


Veera Mahesh

Animal lover and enthusiast, Veera Mahesh is dedicated towards ensuring that no birds and animals in the locality die of dehydration this summer. The donations received through this campaign will be directed towards buying as many water bowls as possible, to cover many areas so that these birds and animals don’t have to travel long distances looking for water in the burning heat.


Pune #PledgeABowl Initiative

A few concerned citizens in Pune were appalled by the terrible condition of the urban stray population. Animals and birds would die due to dehydration in the excruciating summer temperatures. The team contacted animal activists, lovers, feeders, and volunteers to execute the task. While surveying for the most cost effective cement bowls in the city, they chanced upon a potter and animal lover, Mr. Pradeep Saha, who provided low-cost cement bowls for the mission. When it came to transporting these heavy cement bowls in every corner of the city, they had another animal lover and tempo driver Balu Waghmare, offering his services entirely for free.

Project Boond

Animal welfare trust, Ekamra (AWTE) initiated a Project Boond to place water bowls for Stray Animals. AWTE has planned to install at least 200 medium sized water bowls for stray animals all around Bhubaneswar. The team identifies places where the bowls can easily be accessed by stray animals and birds, and places them there, while ensuring they are refilled everyday. So far, about 50 water bowls have been installed by the members.

You don’t need to be an animal lover or enthusiast, nor do you need to be an activist to help the urban stay in your locality. The good work of these NGOS and individuals is an important step in saving the stray population. As part of the #PledgeABowl campaign, we invite you to do the same, by raising funds on Impact Guru to cover operational expenses. You can even support existing initiatives of the #PledgeABowl campaign, by going to their campaign page on the Impact Guru website, and making a contribution. Making a small donation will only take a few minutes of your times, but it will save countless lives of the voiceless urban stray animals and birds.


  1. Prasadsays:

    I reside in Andheri East. Please provide me with three water bowls for stray pets in my area.

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