5 really cool things that you can give this Giving Tuesday

Giving is the best thing to do. It’s the flavor of the times too now that Giving Tuesday is hovering around.. And what’s even better, you can re-imagine a better future without limits this year by really thinking out of the box and giving these 5 amazing things that are both quirky and cool.


The Globe that makes energy from the moon


Image source: Inhabitat
Image source: Inhabitat


So many of us crib and cringe about power cuts. So many others nag about global warming and how horrendous ‘fossil fuels’ really are. Well, we can finally stop whingeing about things and start taking the first steps towards a fully renewable future thanks to German designer and architect Ándre Brossél who has invented a thing of beauty called the Rawlemon’s globe that can actually generate enough electricity 24* 7 to power a small home. It’s essentially a self-tracking mirror that reflects both sunlight, moonlight and dispersed light and generates power with high levels of efficiency. So, if you’ve got cash to spare, how about giving the  gift of cutting edge energy independence to an underprivileged power hungry community with this amazing device.


2.)  Ship a safe refuge for the homeless with ‘container homes’



Image source: City-data
Image source: City-data


Resource crunch, wars and growing inequalities mean a larger number of people are becoming homeless and in need of shelter that is safe, clean and liveable. One quirky yet easy way to solve this problem is to transform used containers into strong and colorful homes for homeless and refugees. Containers are made up of flexible, lightweight composites that can withstand such natural disasters like earthquakes yet can be tinkered with in many ways to create colorful, airy and open homes for refugees and the homeless. So this winter, gift some warmth and protection from the harsh elements to the homeless by supporting initiatives that provide such homes or buying up a few such containers yourself because they come dirt -cheap and refashion them as eco-friendly cool homes for the homeless.


3.)  Support free e-libraries for poor kids



Image source:Children Intrenational
Image source:Children International


The best way to liberate people and communities from the vice-grip of poverty is by unlocking the power of infinite knowledge for kids so that they can write a better tomorrow for themselves and the entire world. E- libraries uses the power of the convergence era, to make wisdom accessible and learning fun. It is a fun way to get everyone hooked to the inspiring addiction of reading, overcoming all geographical, cultural and financial boundaries. So if you are one of those rare geniuses already conversant with the magical parseltongue of a million different world and realities trapped inside your bookshelf then share or donate those books to an e-library and inspire a zillion new universes of infinite opportunities.


4.) Clean water that costs less than a cent


Image source: NICHE
Image source: NICHE


“Water is the driving force in nature.”

                                                  Leonardo Da Vinci

As put quite succinctly by the Italian Savant, nature and life is not possible without water. Yet pure water has become one of the most priceless things in our world today resulting in close to one billion people not having any access to it. But Fontanes 1001, a French Non-profit wants to transform the entire situation through a revolutionary and sustainable approach, that will result in everyone getting access to pure water at under 1 cent a liter. Using a combination of solar based ultraviolet purification and micro – entrepreneurship, Fontanes 1001 has created a model that solves the twin problems of poverty and lack of access to water using the least amount of resources. So you can gift the power of unlimited pure water to the underprivileged in your region, or state, or country today by supporting the efforts of such endeavours like Fontanes 1001 and others.


5.)  Some priceless love for Man’s best friend


Image source: Noble veterinary centre
Image source: Noble veterinary centre


We all love our furry friends of irresistible cuteness don’t we? They may bark a little but their little black diamond of a eye acts as windows to a world of infinite love and kindness for us. This is why we get so infuriated when we see strays getting mistreated. But anger and grumpiness won’t change the situation overnight. What can really bring about some positive impact for them, is if we take a stand and lend our hands of help and encouragement to organizations and initiatives working to prevent all sorts of abuses against stray dogs by through advocacy, neutering and and rehab through adoption by loving individuals, responsible institutions and caring families. So this Giving Tuesday, let us all pledge to give some earnest smiles back to our most dependable & adorable companions, because they have a right to happiness too.


There are many more cool things and initiatives happening all around you, that you can support and feel really peaceful and happy about yourself. After all joining the brigade of #change- makers and #dream- enablers, would make even the grumpiest person go lalalala with ecstasy. And if the questions of ‘where to give’ ‘who to give’ and ‘what to give’ bother you too much, then just visit one of the many social crowdfunders out there like Impactguru that will act as your mentor, advisor and friend and help you making the most out of your contribution. So this #Giving Tuesday, stop being so pessimistic and become a part of something truly wondrous.



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