6 Things We Should Stop Doing To Our Children

After a turbulent week, and indeed year, in international politics, it’s easy to feel disillusioned with the world.trumpbrexit


Yup, America has just elected a president who is widely known to have made sexist, racist remarks and has outwardly spoken out rejecting the validity of climate change.












In June, the UK voted for Brexit, a move that was fueled by xenophobia, hate crime and a backwards attitude towards togetherness.


Where’s the progression?

How can we claim that we are progressing in terms of culture, technology, science and healthcare when global political moves hint towards an archaic mindset?










Despite this, our future generations are progressive. Attitudes are changing and if we look at the voting consensus this confirms this.


  • In the USA, had only millennials voted, Clinton would have won by a landslide.
  •  In the UK, 75% of people between 18 and 24 voted to remain in the EU.









Evidently then, at the heart of our future lies our children.

Of course, it’s up to us to educate them in the right way to change their conditioned attitudes and indeed their world for the better..

So, as we celebrate Children’s Day across the country, let’s take a look at the top ten unobvious learnt behaviors that are all too often afflicted upon our children that we should work hard towards changing.




1. Comparing children to other children

Praise a child for who they are. Remind them that everyone is unique.








Build upon their own strengths and work towards advancing their weaknesses.

Continual comparison will end in habitual dissatisfaction, as they’ll end up drawing only the obvious positive parts from others, ignoring their own individual benefits and becoming increasingly insecure in the process.

2. Prioritizing grades/studies over everything else

We have a habit in the country of enforcing


‘’Study now, you’ll have fun later.’’


Remember children only have one childhood and they should be allowed to enjoy it, as well as getting good grades in the process.











3. Allowing them to think material gain is everything

In the capitalist world, we live in, we put a huge amount of value in material possessions. 



Teach them that their true happiness comes in the form of things other than money and fast cars.





4. Focusing on results

Of course, enforce a valuable work ethic so one day they children can support themselves, but make sure their schedule is balanced and that they know their value lies in more than a grade on a piece of paper.





5. Solving their problems for them

Such an easy attitude to have which can be so detrimental. Allow children to make their own mistakes. That is ultimately, the way we all learn.




6. Allowing them to be financially dependent upon you

If you have your own children you’ll need to let them learn to fend for themselves. Not only will it be a financial burden on you for years to come, but psychologically they’ll find it hard to detach and become independent in the future.




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