5 reasons why you should Crowdfund your Film

If you have a film idea that isn’t just a crowd-pleaser but is also a catalyst for social change, look no further for funds. You don’t need a high budgeted production house to fund your film, and then have them dictate the way you make it. All you need is a unique concept. And for funds, read on to find out 5 reasons why you should crowdfund your film today –  


Financial assistance

The cost of pre-production, production, and post-production can be covered through the amount you raise via your crowdfunding campaign. Additionally, it is a very quick and easy method of raising funds with little or no investment. Innovation in technology allows everything to happen digitally, including the donations from supporters.


Gain a loyal supporter base

Film crowdfunding has much more to offer than just funding. The only reason that a person would contribute to you is when they think your film idea is worth it. Therefore, you can develop a large supporter base of people who have donated to your film, and are eager to watch it. This can further lead your supporters to share the enthusiasm with their close network of family and friends.


Maintain creative control

You might think that the easiest way to fund a film is by going to a production house. Yes, it is easy, and the budgets might be large, but it come with disadvantages. Very often, the filmmaker loses sight of how he/she envisioned the film concept because of excessive interference from production houses. The benefit of crowdfunding is that the filmmaker can not only keep his creative freedom but also have the rights to it.


Efficient marketing tool

Crowdfunding for films is about interaction. The success of your campaign relies heavily on how you market it, and to whom you market it. A filmmaker can raise money online and use his crowdfunding marketing activities to bring traction to his film, and vice-versa. If there are known actors onboard, then the task gets even easier.


Make a difference

Last, but most importantly, if your film has the ability to add value to society, or spread awareness about a certain cause, there is no reason why your crowdfunding ideas should fail. If you know that your film has elements that benefit others, then that’s your biggest reason to crowdfund it.


If your film is for the people, it will be funded by the people. So, get started with your campaign on Impact Guru and post your teaser now!

Valentine’s Day – Be someone’s Valentine by Giving

Valentine’s day is just around the corner. If you’ve been wondering how to celebrate it this year, we suggest doing something meaningful like crowdfunding. Something that adds value to society, or benefits people of lesser means. The few bucks you spend on chocolate and roses can actually have a huge impact on the life of a child, or an aged or ill person in need.


We recommend celebrating Valentine’s day by giving to charity. You can be a valentine to someone in need, and we promise it’ll be worth it!


Here are a few ideas for Valentine’s day, and how to celebrate it in a meaningful way this 2017:

Switch your expensive dinner by feeding the hungry


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Instead of going out on a date to an exorbitantly priced meal for two, you could stay home and cook a home cooked meal for your loved one. The money that you save from that one expensive meal can be donated to a program or a charity that feeds the hungry.


Switch your bouquet of roses for a tree plantation drive


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Rather than buying a bouquet of roses, you could support an environment foundation by giving your savings to a tree plantation drive that will make our environment a better place to live in. Breathing clean air is definitely worth the bouquet of flowers you pass on!


Switch your romantic weekend getaway by providing to a shelter home





A weekend away to celebrate Feb 14 with your loved one is a great idea. But you could also consider directing the money you spend on the trip, to provide shelter for homeless or needy people.


We hope this list of small and meaningful ideas helps you to reach out to those in need. Celebrating with random acts of kindness can be the most rewarding feeling in the world. So, go ahead and be a valentine to someone in need!







3 Truly Amazing Initiatives to Motivate You this New Year

We are marching towards a new year with great vigor in the next two days.
Everybody has their brain cells working on New Year resolution lists, ideas, gifts.
Let a quick read on these wow initiatives of 2016 motivate you to enter 2017, inspired.

1. Empowering Women – Valuing Crafts, Generating Livelihood   

RUAS is a nonprofit that is working towards promoting the valuable embroidery crafts of the region while also empowering the local artisan women to earn a livelihood with their talent. Suf is one of the lesser known embroidery art form from the region of Kutch, Gujarat that is being highlighted by them.

RUAS India

Recently, Madhu Jain –India’s leading craft revivalist also showcased the greatness of India’s rich weaving tradition in the first-ever French European India Fashion Week in Paris, an initiative of our Prime Minister co-hosted by Namaste France. October saw the French praising the SUF. Commendable, isn’t it?

2. Helping Animals Stand Back on their Feet