Crowdfunding : as simple as A-B-C!

What e-commerce was in 2014, crowdfunding is going to be in 2015: The poster boy of buzzwords. And both the industries have the internet boom in India, growing faster than anywhere else in the world, to thank.

According to reports, crowdfunding industry is an over $16 billion market globally with around 1000 platforms in North America and Europe alone. In India we currently have over 20 and the industry is fast gaining a lot of momentum.

When you ask someone what it means?  You probably get two type of replies, either the person is as lost as you, or will probably direct you to SEBI’s consultation paper or quote

We promise you that crowdfunding is as simple as A-B-C! Let’s start by decoding the word. Crowd + Funding, you are convincing a large number of people (a crowd) to pay for a cause or project (funding) online.

Familiar with the Dahi Handi festival in India? That’s what crowdfunding would look like if it were a person: a lot of people coming together to achieve one common goal. You have made a million posts on social media asking family and friends for help and broadcasted messages on our favorite instant messaging app, haven’t you? And help has very well reached you. Congratulations, you have been successfully crowd sourcing!  Replacing the help with some donations and monetary involvement, results in crowdfunding.

It is more formally defined as a practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people, typically via the internet.

Yes, it is as simple as that.

And we at Impact Guru make sure launching a campaign is a walk in the park for you! All you need to do is:

– Sign up or log in to our website.

– Go to our “Start a Fundraiser” Page.

– Fill in the fundraiser details and click on start.

– Customize your fundraiser by adding compelling images and videos, team members and other details to help it stand out.  Now submit the fundraiser for review.

– So once your fundraiser has been approved and is live, the real work begins! Spread the word by sharing with family and friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and email.

– Now the trick is to convert supporters to donors and collect contributions! We help you spread the word too. And hopefully, your campaign will reach its goal amount in no time.

Fundraising is so easy and a lot of fun. START NOW !