Aasra Trust – Sending Children to School with Dignity

It is not just about sending children to school, but sending them to school with dignity.


With this motto, Aasraa’s outreach program has successfully changed the lives of 327 children living and attending school in Dehradun’s slum areas. The Aasraa Trust was established as a social work trust focusing on education of underprivileged children in India. The children they work with, come from extremely impoverished backgrounds and are mostly rag pickers, beggars, addicts, runaways and orphans. Aasraa works towards empowering street and slum children through education, vocational training, nutrition, medical care, and providing shelter homes.


A lot of slum students were found to drop out of Aasra’s outreach program between the months of November to February in Dehradun. After some investigation, it was found that the little children were unable to stand the biting cold during those months. Since majority of these children came from low income families, their parents could not afford appropriate school uniform for the winter months, which was consequently affecting their learning and education program. Winters in Dehradun can be harsh, and the lack of winter school uniform did not help the situation.


The good people at Aasra were not about to let a slight weather condition meddle with the education of these children. In order for the children to continue going to school, without distressing their families, the trust decided to run a campaign on Impact Guru, and raise funds to provide each of them a set of winter uniform. The motive behind this campaign was to ensure that these students felt confident in going to school, and fit in with the rest of their peers. A set of winter uniform would include two full-sleeved shirts, two-worsted trousers/skirt, a sweater, a blazer, a cap, 2 pairs of socks, and 2 thermals.


Their target through the crowdfunding campaign via Impact Guru was to raise INR 2,00,000, but their story won the support of many, and the campaign achieved way beyond their target. Aasraa raised INR 4,20,407 within 36 days, as against their initial goal of INR 2,00,000.


So what was the secret behind their fundraiser’s success?


Use of audio-visuals


The team at Aasraa created a wonderful video explaining the plight of these children from financially weak homes, and the need for them to have adequate warm clothing for their health, as well as education.


Emotionally inviting campaign title

The title of the campaign –  ‘A sweater for Sonu’, itself, was enough to draw the attention of sympathizers, for it added a personal touch, giving us a glimpse into the lives of these amazing children.


Powerful narrative through their campaign story with honest goals

Their campaign story was a strong narrative about the problem and why it needed to be addressed. Moreover, it concluded with a proper break up of how the funds received through the crowdfunding campaign would be utilized. Their clear and honest goals instilled faith in the donors that their contributions would surely be put to good use.


Photographs of the children in school

Through their pictures of the outreach program, the donors were able to put a face to the children whose lives they would positively be impacting.


Proactive social media promotions

Additionally, Aasraa, along with our team at Impact Guru, were actively promoting their campaign in different circles, with the help of email marketing, and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Google+, and LinkedIn.


It surely did not take magic to put a smile on these children’s faces. All it took was careful planning and stellar execution by Aasraa and Impact Guru’s team. So what are you waiting for? Make sure that you tick mark all the above-mentioned points for your own fundraisers and make them stand out while making them successful.


Also, Impact Guru has recently entered into an exclusive partnership with Global Giving, which allows international donors in UK and USA to contribute towards campaigns on their platform. The reason being that the pattern of foreign donations in India has highlighted child welfare, education, rural development, and public health, as the categories with the most amount of foreign funding. This is a great opportunity for your NGO to raise money from donors in India as well as abroad!


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5 ways to Raise Funds for Cancer Treatment


From doctor’s bills to expensive medications and tests to radiation and chemotherapy, cancer devastates millions of lives every year. Inability to get the financial help for cancer patients often leads to lost hopes, and sufferers just giving up.


But today thankfully, there are newer and more innovative ways to raise funds for cancer treatment, such as crowdfunding, that are not only easier and faster but also come without the long-term implications such as interests on loan.


This World Cancer Day, Impact Guru presents to you a list of 5 ways, you can raise funds for your loved one who is fighting cancer:


Online crowdfunding campaign for cancer patients

There are several online portals for crowdfunding, such as Impact Guru that enables you to use the power of technology to ask people to donate for your treatment costs. All you have to do is create a compelling campaign story, accompanied with audio-visuals, that can be directly aimed at potentials donors, such as cancer survivor networks, and others involved in philanthropy. Once your campaign is put out to the people, anyone who connects with your cause, will donate and help you fight the disease.


A fundraising event for cancer patients

There are various kinds of charity events that you can organize, to have people come together for a good cause. Some ideas for cancer fundraisers are: charity runs for patients on World Cancer Day, musical concerts, bake sales, etc. All you have to do is mobilize the crowd by inviting them to your event. Let them know about the disease, how long you’ve been fighting it, what type of cancer you have, and which treatment can save your life. Not only does it provide financial help for the cancer patient, but it also allows people to be part of a fun activity.


The power of virality on social media

Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? Within 2 days, everyone was aware of the disease. It became so viral, that celebrities and famous personalities were doing the challenge on social media, and asking people to donate to the cause. That was one of the most successful, viral fundraising activity that ever took place to raise awareness for a disease.


Direct donations from your family and friends

Your family and friends are your closest and most supportive network. Since they know you personally, they will surely step forward to help you raise money for your treatment. These are the people who care for you most and want to see you get better, so don’t hesitate in contacting them for help.


NGOs, private trusts, and government schemes

There are several associations for cancer aid, and cancer survivors, that give financial assistance to people who cannot afford treatment. Aside from that, there are also several government schemes, that help sufferers with grants, to pay for expensive treatments.


We hope this list helps you in case, you are raising funds for someone who is fighting cancer. Being a sufferer of this fatal disease is never easy, and adding to the sorrow is the struggle that families go through to raise sufficient funds for treatment. The most important thing is to not give up hope and to employ these innovative methods in emerging out safe and sound.
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Changing lives through games

Changing lives through games

Children from low-income vulnerable backgrounds have limited access to educational and learning opportunities within their communities. It inevitably affects their ability to choose a profession, build a sustainable career and lead a healthy lifestyle. Even though, there are many organisations across the country that are helping such children get adequate classroom education, most children lack the necessary social and personal skills to interact with the world. To tackle this, over the last years many organisations adopting a sports-based curriculum to help students build soft-skills beyond the classroom learning such as team work, interpersonal communication, problem solving and conflict management.

According to Dasra’s report Power of Play emphasises on how a well-designed sports initiative can play a critical role in enabling a child’s overall development. There is a positive correlation between sport and increased attendance levels, which leads to enhanced classroom behaviour and improved academic achievement. Further, sports has shown to be an effective medium of  developing life skills, enhancing youth’s ability to gain and retain employment.

Dream a Dream is one such organisation that uses sports and art to impart life skills to youth.  The Bengaluru-based non-profit has engaged over 5,500 youth through its After School Life Skills Program. Currently, it has selected four children from its after school football program through a series competitions to represent India at the Street Football Festival 2016 in Lyon, France.

Meet the foursome

“It’s a dream come true,” for Navnita, a class 9 student of Shubhodini English High School, who was always interested in sports but it wasn’t until she was introduced to the Dream a Dream after school program that she started to play football and master the game through her dedication towards the sport. She is extremely thrilled to have the opportunity to travel to another country
for the first time to showcase her talent.

“Proud to be representing my country,” exclaims Manoj, a class 10 student whose father is an auto driver. He says he found a change within himself as his love for the sport began to increase. Always weak in reading because he could not concentrate, Manoj feels his power to concentrate has increased markedly which in turn has  helped him focus and improve on his reading abilities.

“An inspiration to other girls,” says Harshita, a class 10 student of Stella Mary’s school. Her father is unwell and her mother works in a garments factory. Girls are hardly involved in sports and she hopes to inspire and how other girls including her classmates whose families don’t allow them to play that along with studies, sports can help them move ahead too.

“Football teaches discipline,” says Arbaz, a 15-year-old son of an auto driver. When he began playing the game 5 years back, he was a novice but with training and discipline, he has mastered
the techniques. Arbaz also claims that the game has taught him to be more positive in life.

We at Impact Guru are helping the four kids to raise funds to finance their trip to France and participate in the Street Football Festival. How can you help? Go on impactguru.com/dream-a-dream
and show your support by donating or sharing the campaign with friends and family. The funds raised will help support their training, football gear, visa costs and travel to Lyon, France.