5 Reasons why your nonprofit should collaborate with a Startup

Startups and for-profit organizations have recognized for long the value of collaboration and teamwork. Strategic alliances have benefits that go way beyond their monetary value. These include strategic communications, larger audiences, credibility, and brand image. That is just one aspect. Startups and young entrepreneurs today are driven by their age and their knowledge of the millennial generation, i.e the influencers. Their enthusiasm and awareness can greatly benefit any nonprofit initiative, and further a good cause.

So here are 5 reasons why collaboration with a startup might just give your nonprofit that extra edge in doing things better.

  1. Entrepreneurs are potential donors




Startups are a solid partnership for a nonprofit because of the funds available to them. There is a whole market of people out there who can dedicate time and energy in analyzing startup strategies, and invest heavy amounts in them if the idea sounds brilliant. That said, entrepreneurs make for great potential donors for your NPO. There are funds available for branding activities such as advertising, public relations, social media, and other platforms for communication. Such resources can be shared by teaming up with them. Thus Non-profit collaboration with start-ups is a win -win deal for both of them.

2. New innovative ideas

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Startups bring fresh ideas to the table. Since a majority of the startups in our country are youth based, the ideas that are generated come from the influences of the larger population. Besides that, entrepreneurs are people who embrace risks fearlessly and such an approach can always prove beneficial in inspiring your team to become go-getters without limits. So if you’re a non-profit, desiring that ground-breaking impact, then collaboration with a start-up is a must!!


 3. Loyal user/customer base


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It is well known that most startups have an initial network of friends and family that constitute a really loyal support base to bank upon. A nonprofit, therefore,  can always collaborate with a start-up, to leverage that network and convert it into a stable donor base, using effective and targeted communication. Most startups today take advantage of a community that is narrowing down every day due to social media. This means that entrepreneurs embrace collaborations with other startups, in order to maximize profits, as well as increase customers. For instance, there are large Facebook groups dedicated to communicating the innovations of startups. So collaboration with a startup gives a non-profit, exclusive access to a community that is driving path breaking change, across economy and society.


4. A chance to grow with them

Growth startup blog

While a startup may be small in the beginning, everyone aims to expand their business. They usually chalk out detailed growth plans that can take their organization from a regional, to national, to international standards. When you are in the shadow of a company with aggressive expansion plans, you have a great opportunity to grow with them! This is why non-profit collaboration with start-ups could be the way to fast-forwarding social change and progress.


5.  Credibility



Collaboration between nonprofits and start-ups is a symbiotic relationship that benefits both. While start-ups enhance their overall goodwill by firmly implanting their CSR imprint on firmer shores, nonprofits gain a lot by embracing their overall dynamism and leveraging their fast-expanding social and geographical reach. By attaching itself with a credible start-up, a non-profit can always gain that extra boost of corporate legitimacy- thus becoming more attractive to large donors.

For a non-profit collaboration with a start-up may seem as a risky proposition in the beginning, as they do not have an established name in the market. However, one cannot ignore the fact that these young startups with fresh ideas are the most driven, and have a better understanding of the youth’s relationship with philanthropy.


So don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Strike a partnership today.

5 reasons why no NGO can afford to miss Impact Guru’s Tax Saving Challenge 2017


All of us would agree to the fact that giving should preferably be selfless, but it is always a bonus to have an incentive attached with it. And in this season of tax file ups, what better incentive than a tax exemption in lieu of every good and meaningful deed done!

Attention! Exemptions upto 100% under section 80 (G).

Impact Guru- India’s largest crowdfunding platform – has launched a 3-month bumper tax-saving challenge to give nonprofits that are fundraising for a cause, an absolutely priceless opportunity to tap into as many donors as possible.

And here are 5 reasons why you can’t miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity-  

 1. Be recognized for your efforts


Tax Blog- Legitimacy


Recognition is always important for an organization that is working hard to serve the society. But only an organization which tends to all the legal terms and conditions can take advantage of tax benefits and exemptions under Section 80 (G) – which means donors will have to responsibly choose the cause and the NGO they wish to donate to. Come onboard with us – and become an instant hit with a large base of donors across the nation when crowdfunding.


2. Leverage existing social media outreach:


Tax blog-social media reach



Participate in our tax-saving challenge and reach out to maximum no. of potential donors by leveraging our already existing pan-national social media reach on all leading mediums from Facebook to Linkedin. So, it’s time to use this to your advantage while fundraising for a cause.


  1. Win rewards while doing ‘good’


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The format of our challenge with attractive rewards weaved in, gives you, as a non-profit that perfect ‘boost’ to work harder and put in that ‘extra’ effort to go out and put your endeavor in the ‘public’ spotlight. Isn’t it the best way to motivate your hard-working team?

4. Create that stable source of funds:




Once you come on board with us through the Impact Guru’s NGO tax saving challenge, with our guidance you will have access to the best tips and tools that can help you promote your initiative and reach out to potential donors. This exercise will not only help you in understanding the thought process of your donors while crowdfunding for your nonprofit but, also give you a chance to transform them into your loyal donors.


 5. A loyal friend by your side:


Tax blog- ally


This tax-saving challenge also gives you the golden chance to gain an unbiased ally and partner in the form of Impact Guru – a crowdfunding partner who can be your best friend, guide and a pillar of strength to always fall back upon for advice and support that really works.


So what are you waiting for?


Join our challenge today at https://ngotaxchallenge.impactguru.com/ and become a part of something truly unique and historic.



Give voice to her pain!

In a country where they call her “Ghar ki Lakshmi’’: The Goddess who graces a home, the scars paint another picture for women! Even though we celebrate the sanctity of marriage, one in every five women has been a victim of domestic violence in India.

India ranks in the top 10 countries where women face the most domestic violence. A position we should be ashamed of.

Despite domestic violence recognised as a specific criminal offence almost four decades ago  over 185312 cases of crime against women were reported in 2007. Out of which 75,930 cases were of cruelty against women by their own husbands and relatives.

This implies, that there is one case of abuse every three minutes.  It’s surprising how soon, someone who should be celebrated and revered is so easily disgraced at her own home.

India is a patriarchal society, where men, or in this case the husband’s family  are generally considered  superior .Usually the abuser tries to gain complete authority and control, and when denied or resisted, resorts to violence and abuse.


The pattern to violent /abusive behaviour :

The details may differ in every case, but the sadistic intentions remain the same. The abuser may act violently and use verbal or physical abuse. But may soon feel guilty about his actions. He may then find excuses to justify his actions. Soon he accepts the excuses as the truth and he may find the abusive bursts as normal behaviour. He may continue having assumptions about the victim, and may think of imaginary accusations to make. He may find the victim guilty and untrustworthy and may start living a fantasy. Now he will do all he can, to implicate and find proof of this imaginary accusation and in this process try to set-up or catch his victim red handed.

The victims suffer in silence:

Well, most often, the victim may want the abuse to end but not the relationship itself. They might be unaware of the services available to help them. They might feel ashamed and embarrassed about the situation. They might feel that the world will judge them and stigmatize them for what happened. May be financially dependant on the abuser, be hopeful that the abuser will change or stop the abuse. Have religious or social beliefs that reinforce staying with the abuser as the right way.

And bearing the weight of this social and moral dilemma, the victim may chose to remain silent.

There is hope!

The abuser continues justifying his actions, and the victim continues to accept the abuse helplessly.A vicious vicious cycle! But with a few well-informed and empowered measures, the victim can hope for a better future. Firstly the signs of abusive behaviour should be recognised by the victim. As per The Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 Domestic violence includes actual or threatened abuse against women in their homes, including those of a physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic nature. If the behaviour continues to persist, the victim must seek out help.

The PWDV 2005, says that the affected women are entitled to: Protection, Residence, Monetary Relief and Maintenance, Compensation, Custody and Legal Service under the provisions .There are government help-lines set up to report abuse .

Maitri India is one such organization that works for women who are at the risk of facing gender- based violence. Maitri has the unique distinction of being one of the few NGO’s that is preventing and reducing violence against women in the uniformed services, including the army, navy, air force, para-military and police in India. Maitri conducts gender sensitisation and training workshops for officers, men and families. The workshops sensitise and create awareness of VAWthat enables participants to take preventive measures for happier and healthier families.

Our duty last at the least is to stand up against such violence. The victim may be your neighbour, your colleague, your friend or maybe a person who you are not very close to. If you see it happen, do not turn a blind eye. Help Maitri voice their cries.

Donate here  https://www.impactguru.com/maitri-reduce-gender-based-violence-in-urban-communities