Famous Celebrities who Rescued & Adopted their Pets

Adopting a pet is the best way to own a pet, and you don’t need an animal welfare activist to tell you that. If you look around, especially in India, there are innumerable stray cats, dogs, and birds who loiter around the streets looking for scraps of food and water. Infact, animal lovers and welfare NGOs have helped animals by participating in the #PledgeABowl initiative this year, to help the urban stray this summer, by providing bowls of water, so that they don’t die of dehydration. All of these helpless animals need a home. Here to lead by example, these celebrities dismissed the concept of buying a pet from a breeder, and instead chose to adopt a pet that needed a loving home.


Have a look at your favourite celebrities with their unbelievably cute rescue animals:


George Clooney and Einstein

Clooney has already adopted his third dog, but his rescued cocker spaniel Einstein is closest to his heart.


Anne Hathaway and Kenobi

Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman have a new addition to their family – Kenobi.


Sandra Bullock and her 3 rescues

Poppy, a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix with three legs. Ruby, a two-legged Chihuahua, and BeBe (not pictured), a Chihuahua that’s missing an eye.


Hilary Swank with Rumi and Kai

A strong animal rights activist, she is co-producing Fox’s Cause for Paws: an all star dog special show.


Jennifer Aniston and Sophie

Jennifer gave Sophie, a pitbull, a beautiful home.

Image via Celebrities and their Rescue Dogs


Miley Cyrus and Milky

This is Miley’s adorable white rescue pitbull named Milky.


Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

He fell in love with Baxter when he visited a dog shelter in Texas.


Charlize Theron and Tucker

A passionate animal welfare activist, she has adopted at least 4 rescue dogs.


Ariana Grande and Toulouse

Toulouse’s life changed after Ariana Grande adopted him from an animal shelter home.


Ed Sheeran and Graham

Here’s another cat person. Ed Sheeran adopted little Graham, and even made a Twitter account for him!


Selena Gomez and Baylor

Baylor is Selena Gomez’s 6th rescue pup.


Orlando Bloom and Sidi

He found Sidi while shooting for a film in Africa.


Miranda Lambert and her six rescues

We sure have a dog lover here. Miranda adopted 3 of them from a shelter home, and she found the other 3 in various places.


John Legend and Penny

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen added Penny, a three-legged pup to their family full of dogs.


We can all learn from these celebrities who chose to adopt rather than buy, and look to adopt our own community of stray animals, to help them in any way that we can.


Save our furry friends from dying this summer – #PledgeABowl!

5 Reasons why Crowdfunding is the Perfect Launch Platform for your Social Enterprise

The concept of crowdfunding is a fast growing one. It is slowly and steadily overtaking the more traditional ways of funding for social enterprises. While money is the most important aspect of this concept, it is not the be-all and end-all of it. There are manifold advantages to using an online platform to launch your social enterprise. With technology at our fingertips, acquiring targeted reach, visibility, and collaborations is now easier than ever.

So here are 5 reasons why crowdfunding might just be the perfect way for you to launch your social enterprise:


1) More efficient than traditional ways of raising capital

As opposed to the traditional method of personally making pitches to donors, crowdfunding for social enterprises on an online portal is far more efficient in getting your message out to lots of people, and to the right audience. Besides that, the cost of launching a crowdfunding campaign is little to nothing.


2) Great platform for a powerful story

It is a great platform to showcase the authenticity of your initiative. Through a powerful campaign, you can gain the confidence of donors, and show them how much of a difference their contribution can make to your efforts in creating an innovative solution for the society.


3) An efficient marketing tool

It is a great way to analyze and gauge the reactions of people towards your cause, through which you can partially determine the success of your campaign. All you need is the perfect online portal for the project you would like to raise funds for. Even with a few supporters in the beginning, you will find it remarkably easy to create a strong database of like-minded individuals. That said, effective marketing will even facilitate collaborations.


4) Generates new ideas and feedback

When you run your campaign on various social media platforms, you tap into many different audiences. Each type of audience will have a different take on the concept you are putting out. As long as you can engage people and start conversations, ideas from different people will keep flowing in. Aside from that, it is a great way to get feedback and improvise on the shortcomings of your campaign.


5) Polishes your business and management skills

Running a full-fledged campaign involves analyzing, strategizing, marketing and PR, having impactful communications, and employing quick decision-making abilities. Not only that, you will find yourself juggling several tasks at the same time, which will polish your time management skills as well.


Every great idea requires a secure source of funding. To put it simply, crowdfunding can bring out the creative potential in every initiative. So, if you are raising funds for your venture, these benefits are worth considering.

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Child Sexual Abuse: A Silent Scourge

Child Sexual Abuse: A Silent Scourge

In 2007 when the Indian government released a study conducted over 125,000 children across India, the results shocked many. According to the study almost 53% children had been subjected to sexual abuse. While over 20% of those interviewed were subjected to severe forms of abuse, majority of the survivors, almost 57%, were boys. Yes, Boys!

Shocking revelations from the report acted as an eye opener for many. A rather hush-hush topic, was brought to center stage and forced the government to pass the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) in 2012. Child sexual abuse (CSA) –occurs when children are forced to take part in sexual activities. This does not have to be physical contact, and it can happen online. The biggest problem, however, is sometimes the child does not understand what is happening to them is abuse.

The numbers are however under-reported as CSA is a taboo topic in India and faces resistance from various stakeholders. Parents and teachers do not react to such problems. On top of that, a lot of children are embarrassed to talk about what happened, while many do not know if what is happening to them is not as the abuser is often a person the child knows.

It is clear that the government has been unsuccessful in preventing such events. The POCSO Act 2012 does punish the abusers but the cases have not declined since.

Some NGO’s like CHILDLINE India Foundation (CIF) , which was instrumental in drafting the POCSO Act, work directly with children to raise awareness about the problem. They face everyday a challenging issue both in form as well as in substance. How does one tell a seven-year old child what sexual abuse is without taking away their innocence?

CHILDLINE combines thoroughly adapted content and trained volunteers to go to school to explain what CSA is.

CIF’s Program targets school children in the age group of 7-12 years. Children are taught about safe touch, unsafe touch and personal safety rules through a story telling exercise. The entertaining stories are designed to be age appropriate and are enacted out, by trained and certified lady volunteers. Hidden in the stories are the concepts of safe/unsafe touch and personal safety rules. The
stories have been specially developed in consultation with child psychologists. Following the story session, each child gets a set of “Labels” to affix on their books that reinforce the message to the child.

Till date, CHILDLINE has reached out to over 250,000 children through 913 schools in Mumbai. But with children making up 39% of the 1.21 billion in our country, a lot of work has to be done.

You can help make a difference, help CHILDLINE India Foundation help our children. Make a donation towards this cause NOW: https://www.impactguru.com/zahra-khan-help-me-stop-child-sexual-abuse