Five Fun-Raising Ideas For July

Come this July, there are a lot of things happening around the world!  Plenty of awareness days and events that one can celebrate, and to celebrate them in the most meaningful way possible, you can start by raising funds to support a cause that resonates with you.

So here’s our roundup of fundraising ideas you can take up this July:

1) 3rd July: Sarcoma Awareness Week



Sarcoma is a rare and unusual type of cancer that manifests itself in people of all ages, and comprises about one percent of all cancer cases. It is specific to connective tissues present in the body. Normal connective tissues include, fats, blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, deep skin tissues, and cartilage. The treatment options available to Sarcoma patients usually involve expensive procedures like radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or sometimes, even surgery, the costs of which would deplete most sufferers off of their entire savings.

This July 2017, start a medical fundraiser for someone afflicted with sarcoma and help them get access to, and afford the necessary treatment.


2) 11th July: World Population Day

Indian students paint umbrellas with slogans and pictures during an awareness event to mark World Population Day in Allahabad on July 11, 2013. Africa and Asia are the continents that will see the fastest urban population growth in the next 40 years, a UN report said earlier in the year noting that India and China are leading the surge. The Earth's population is expected to roughly triple by 2050 compared to a century earlier. It stood at three billion in 1950, reached seven billion in 2011 and is likely to reach about 9.5 billion by 2050 -- a rise that will occur especially in the poorest countries, according to UN estimates. AFP PHOTO/SANJAY KANOJIASanjay Kanojia/AFP/Getty Images

The UNDP observes World Population Day to highlight  issues caused by due to overpopulation. like gender inequality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. With India having the second highest population in the world, and a very high poverty rate, this day is highly relevant to us. The theme for 2017, set by UNFPA, is ‘Family Planning in Developing Nations’.

Take this opportunity to start a fundraiser to setup awareness and educational programs in various parts of India which focus on providing information, services, and support for safe and voluntary family planning. Alternatively, if you are an NGO, you can take our 100% Impact Challenge where all the funds raised go directly to the NGO without any platform fees!

3) 15th July: World Youth Skills Day


Statistics have shown that 13 out of 100 Indians surveyed, between the ages of 5-29, never attended school because it was deemed unnecessary. These numbers are far more pronounced in the age group of 10-14 years, which are the formative years of any young mind.

However, some students are taking the initiative to increase public interest in technical skills by organising competitions that require comprehensive engineering and managerial skills.  On World Youth Skills Day, take a step towards supporting such campaigns, and increasing educational outreach by helping them raise funds.


4) 28th July: World Hepatitis Day


Being the heaviest organ in the body, the liver performs multiple functions, including purification of the body from harmful chemicals. Therefore, when a person’s liver malfunctions, it can bring about a lot of health problems upon the sufferer, and as a consequence, severe financial strain. For example, Hepatitis A, B, and C are the most common diseases associated with liver problems, for whom the majority of treatments are exceptionally costly. A person with limited financial means can hardly afford that.

If you or anyone you know is affected by a liver disease and needs funds for treatment, you can begin by starting a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru today, or you can support a pre-existing campaign. We have one that you can support!


5) 29th July: International Tiger Day

Mother and baby tiger cub; Shutterstock ID 65927428; title : Kids Website Overhaul; Client: Lisa Jewell

International Tiger Day is celebrated every year on the 29th of July to spread awareness about tiger conservation. With the tiger population in India  inching closer to extinction, initiatives like ‘Project Tiger’ were conceptualized by animal welfare organisations and wildlife enthusiasts to come forward and pledge protection to our national animal. This is to be accomplished by raising funds for awareness programs, legal and administrative steps, as well as steps to rehabilitate and repair the damage done to their ecosystem. This year on International Tiger Day, start a fundraiser to support organisations that work towards saving the tiger or help ongoing animal welfare projects!  


Let’s start making an Impact!


How Many Of These Indian Olympians Do You Know?

Let’s accept it, we don’t know our Olympians unless they win a medal. How many of us were familiar with Vijendra Singh or Mary Kom before they actually won? Very few. And, that’s a sad truth to face. Through over the years the country’s engagement with Olympic athletes has increased thanks to the win followed by movies made on these players (Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Mary Kom), most of these are recognised and appreciated way after their time.

Indian athletes have won 28 medals at the Olympics so far. In fact, the Indian National Field Hockey team dominated the Olympics with 11 medals in 12 Olympics, between 1920 and 1980. Yet, a cricket-addicted country gives little space to its other game-changers. Even the government funding to most of these athletes is dismal. We sent the largest contingent so far to the Rio Olympics but returned with the least number of medals in history. The funds given by the government weren’t utilized properly, mainly because becoming an Oympian is not an overnight goal. It takes years of proper training, nutrition and infrastructure and exposure through participation in International competitions which most of these athletes lack.

Providing adequate training and resources is perhaps the second step, the first is acknowledgement. So on World Olympics Day, Impact Guru would like to acknowledge the hard work of these heroes who are patiently and silently gearing up to win a gold at Tokyo 2020. Let’s get to know them before they win us a medal!



Avtar Singh


Age: 25 years
Sport: Judo
Achievements: Gold medalist at 2016 South Asian Games + Qualifier at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Judo isn’t a popular sport which naturally puts Avtar way down the list of Athletes you will recognize. Avtar is a 24-year-old from Punjab who worked for the Punjab armed police force. In 2016, he bagged a gold at the South Asian Games in Guwahati. He was the first Judoka in 12 years to qualify for Olympics in 2014. His achievements in the sport has provided a much needed boost to other aspiring judokas in the country, and motivation for them to take up the sport competitively. He currently trains under Arjuna Awardee Judoku, Yashpal Solanki and has his eyes on the gold!


Dutee Chand


Age: 21 years
Sport: Sprint
Achievements: National champion in women’s 100 meters sprint + qualifier at the 2016 Olympics in Rio

Dutee Chand represented India in the 100 meters sprint in the 2016 Rio Olympics. She clocked 11.69 seconds to complete the 100-metre race while her personal best was 11.24 seconds. Previously, she was instrumental in a major change in the regulations of the International Olympics Committee, when she was dropped last minute from the 2014 Commonwealth games, for hyperandrogenism. After the Indian Government made an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sports on her behalf, the regulation for hyperandrogenism was dropped in 2015, stating there was no direct connect between enhanced androgen levels and athletic performance. While the 2016 Olympics may not have been her best performance, she wasn’t disheartened by the results, but instead motivated to work harder. She now has her mind set on the Tokyo Olympics in 2020.


Sakshi Malik

Rio de Janeiro: India's Sakshi Malik poses with her bronze medal for the women's wrestling freestyle 58-kg competition during the medals ceremony at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Wednesday.   PTI Photo by Atul Yadav(PTI8_18_2016_000011B)

Age: 24 years
Sport: Freestyle wrestling
Achievements: Bronze medalist at the 2016 Olympics in Rio + Silver medal list at the 2014 Commonwealth Games + Bronze medalist at the South Asian Games of 2015

At a very young age, her passion for wrestling took her from a small akhada in Rohtak straight to the Olympics. Indian freestyle wrestler Sakshi Malik won our hearts when she brought India its first medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Her bronze victory in the 58 kg category was celebrated nationwide, as it made her the first Indian female wrestler, and the fourth Indian woman to have won at the Olympic games. Today she is supported by the JSW Excellence Program, and her efforts are only getting stronger, and training harder, for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, where she aspires to become a double Olympic medalist. Sakshi got her masters degree in physical education from the Maharshi Dayanand University in Rohtak. In September 2016, after her achievement at the Olympics, she was appointed as the university’s wrestling director.


OP Karhana


Age: 30 years
Sport: Shot put
Achievements: Qualified at the 2012 London Olympics + 2014 Commonwealth Games

Om Prakash Singh Karhanan is a 6ft 7in tall Indian shot putter who held record at 20.69 meters which he achieved in May 2012 at Szombathely, Hungary and he qualified for and competed at the 2012 London Olympics. At the 2014 Commonwealth Games, he reached the final, finishing in 6th place. Karhana, who was originally a basketball player, was approached by the secretary of the Athletics Federation of India, and advised to try his hand at shot put. Clearly, that paid off well. His training at the Salwan Throws Academy is financially supported by the by Olympic Gold Quest, a nonprofit foundation to identify and support Indian athletes.


Suyash Jadhav


Age: 23 years
Sport: Swimming
Achievements: Only Indian para swimmer to have achieved the ‘A’ qualifying mark for the 2016 Paralympics in Rio

Suyash Jadhav’s story is a particularly inspiring one. He started swimming at a very young age, but a terrible accident changed his life. He came into contact with a live wire which electrocuted both his hands, and they had to be amputated. Not giving up on his journey, he continued his training 2 years after the accident. He was hell bent on competing at the the 2014 Asian Games, 2014 Commonwealth Games, the 2015 World Championship and the 2016 Rio Paralympics. Due to financial constraints, combined with the suspension of the Paralympic Committee of India, he had a setback. All said and done, he was the only Indian swimmer to achieve the ‘A’ qualification mark at the 2016 Paralympics, bringing immense glory to the Indian name. He is currently training extensively for the Asian Games World Championship and the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, with support from the GoSports Foundation.


Vinesh Phogat


Age: 22 years
Sport: Wrestling
Achievements: Qualified for finals at the 2016 Rio Olympics + Gold medalist at 2014 Commonwealth Games + Bronze medalist at 2014 Asian Games

Even those who aren’t clued in to sports are well aware of the Phogat sisters because of the hit movie ‘Dangal’, which is based on their achievements in women’s wrestling. Hailing from the same family is Vinesh Phogat, who has already won several accolades in the Commonwealth Games and the Asian Games. Due to an unfortunate knee injury during the quarterfinals of the Rio Olympics, she had to back out of the competition for a knee surgery. In spite of the disheartening incident, she was thankful to all her supporters and well wishers, and promised them a gold in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, in a series of tweets she posted. We’re really looking forward to that!


Shiv Thapa

Boxer Shiva Thapa at a practice session, a day before leave for Almaty, Kazakhstan, on Friday for the World Boxing Championship, in New Delhi on Oct 10th 2013. Express photo by RAVI KANOJIA.

Age: 23 years
Sport: Boxing
Achievements: Ranked 3rd in the bantamweight category in the AIBA Men’s World Ranking, Gold medalist at the Asian Games

Born to a family with deeply involved in martial arts, Shiv Thapa is an Indian boxer from Guwahati, Assam, who decided to participate in the 2012 London Olympics, making him the youngest Indian boxer to ever qualify for the Olympics.  One of  his greatest inspirations which made him take up boxing professionally was the legend, Mike Tyson. Awed by Tyson, Thapa entered the vigorous regime of boxing following a schedule that required him to wake up at 3 am everyday, to balance his studies along with his training needs. India’s highest rated boxer in the AIBA ranking lists (6th) and World Championship Bronze medalist. His training is supported by Olympic Gold Quest and Anglian Medal Hunt Company.


PV Sindhu

Rio de Janeiro: India's badminton player P V Sindhu plays  against Laura Sarosi of Hungary during the Women's Single match at the Summer Olympic 2016 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Thursday. PV Sindhu won the match by 21-8, 21-9.  PTI Photo by Atul Yadav(PTI8_11_2016_000302B)

Age: 21 years
Sport: Badminton
Achievements: Silver medalist at the 2016 Rio Olympics + Ranked world no. 3 by the Badminton World Federation

At the 2016 Rio Olympics, when India was faring quite poorly, with no wins to our name, PV Sindhu emerged to the rescue by qualifying for the finals in the women’s singles category. Her silver medal made her the youngest Indian to ever achieve a podium finish in an individual event at the Olympics. Sindhu’s main source for inspiration in the sport is now also her coach, Pulella Gopichand. Her gallant performance at the 2016 Olympics has given all India high hopes for a gold at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Games.


Dipa Karmarkar


Age: 23 years
Sport: Women’s Artistic Gymnastics
Achievements: Bronze medalist at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

The last time an Indian participant qualified in gymnastics at the Olympic Games was way back in 1964. Dipa Karmakar who won the Bronze at 2014 Commonwealth Games, has become the first female Indian gymnast to have qualified for the honour with her amazing performance at the controversial Produnova vault. Dipa is the fifth woman in the history of gymnastics to land the Produnova vault, which is considered a death vault, and placed fourth in the Women’s Vault Gymnastics in the Rio Olympics. Though she missed a medal by a meagre 0.15 points, she won the hearts of all Indians, with the risk she took by attempting the Produnova vault. Dipa stated that she is not disappointed about missing the medal, but instead she learned a lot that she can apply while training for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. We look forward to her performance!


These athletes have the grit and determination, all they need is a little motivation from us. While there are public, private and non-profit organisations helping them, it’s not enough. They need US to back them. After all, the medal will be won for the whole country! Internationally many Olympians have raised money on crowdfunding sites to fill in the gaps left by government funding. We can empower Indian Olympians through crowdfunding too!

Start a fundraiser for any Olympian of your choice and motivate them towards victory!

These Father-Children Fundraisers will Melt Your Heart on Father’s Day #ImpactFathers

While helping thousands of individuals raise money for their loved ones, we’ve come across so many campaigns that have left us speechless with their show of love. With Father’s Day just around the corner, we thought we’d share some special stories with you where fathers have stepped up to save their children and where children have reciprocated by helping their father’s out!

Here are some stories of Father-Children love that will make you go awww!


The father who risked his life for his daughter


Fathers always put their children’s needs before theirs, but Harish actually put his daughter’s life before his own!

Harish Rohra was was diagnosed with kidney failure and was advised to undergo a transplant as soon as possible. But, Harish, who came from humble means couldn’t fund his treatment. “The medical bills piled up and my health stopped me from going to work” says Harish. However, his family and he worked together to save for his transplant but as soon as there were enough funds, another tragedy struck. His 5-year-old-daughter Parvati was diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder called Alagille Syndrome and needed a new liver to survive. Harish had to choose between his transplant and his daughter’s and a father’s heart choose Parvati’s treatment over his own.

The treatment was successful and Parvati’s life was out of danger. However, Harish still needed a new kidney. Harish’s kindness and care was returned to him by the online community that helped him raise more than 8 lacs in just 60 days for his treatment on Impact Guru!

You can read Harish’s full story here.


A critical road accident left Swati’s father fighting for his life


When a father is in need, the daughter steps up to become his caretaker!

Father-daughter relationships are often the most adored one. So, was the case with Swati and her father. Swati’s father met with a critical road accident that left him fighting for his life in the ICU for over 15 days. Swati stepped up to pay the initial costs but couldn’t keep up with the bills. Thus, unfortunately the hospital had to discontinue his treatment. The hospital informed her that in order for her father’s treatment to continue, she had to pay Rs. 9 Lakhs more.

It was a tough time for Swati but she didn’t lose hope. She started a fundraiser to ask help from her family and friends and raised 2 lakhs in a month! Swati’s determination is keeping her father alive. She is still raising funds on Impact Guru for his treatment and needs help. You can contribute to help her here.


This father who is fighting for his son

nihaalA father cannot bear to see his child in pain, Ramakrishna is fighting against time for his 2-year-old son!

Ramakrishna has been given only 3 months to save his 2-year-old son’s life. Nihaal suffers from PFIC (Progressive Familial Intrahepatic Cholestasis), a liver disorder from birth because of which he suffers intense itching. He keeps scratching his body rigorously day and night which often results in bleeding. He has difficulty eating and sleeping. Ramakrishna could not see his son cry of pain continuously. He tried all kinds of treatment possible and spent 3 lacs on medical bills. A labourer who earns daily wages that comes up to only Rs. 60,000/ year, Ramakrishna had to pick up loans to help his son.

Yet, nothing changed. Nihaal is still in pain and the doctors have  said that a liver transplant would be the only way to save his life. However, the operation cost was 22 lacs! Ramkrishna, who is already in debt, didn’t know what to do and where else to go.

When the hospital informed him about Impact Guru and the possibility to get raise funds and get his son the correct treatment, Ramkrishna saw a ray of hope. Since then, he has been raising funds and has been working hard to spread the message and get more people to contribute for his beloved son’s health fund.

He is still fighting for his son’s life but Nihaal has very little time left. You can help him here!


The daughter who spent all her savings on her dad’s treatment


A daughter’s love for her father brought in support from across the internet!

Watching her father in the hospital was tough for Jayeeta, like it would have been for any other daughter. When her father needed a cardiothoracic surgery, she unflinchingly spent Rs. 17,00,000 of her hard-earned savings to ensure that he would be back in good health.

Unfortunately, he was again admitted back in the hospital, this time because of blood clots in his pulmonary cord and lungs. Having spent all her savings on her father’s previous treatment, Jayeeta had no other way of raising Rs. 5 Lacs that she now required. With the help of Impact Guru and support from friends, family, and well wishers, she started a campaign and raised some amount that helped her towards the expenses..


A father’s struggle to keep his daughter alive


Only a father can fight fate to save his daughter

Dilip had just began to enjoy fatherhood when his 16-month old baby’s health deteriorated drastically. Akshitha had  a rough start. She was born with jaundice from which she soon recovered, however, it affected her liver making it weak. She soon developed another liver disease and this time the doctor’s warned that only a transplant could save her.

Dilip was ready to do anything to save his daughter but the surgery would cost 35 lacs! However. he was not about to lose his daughter. His valiant efforts and will to save his daughter showed in his determination to spread his fundraiser and raise more than 13 lacs in 9 days!

Akshitha’s transplant operation was undertaken. Unfortunately, as fate would have it Akshitha’s body didn’t accept the organ and she passed away. However, Dilip’s brave fight for his daughter’s life will always be remembered.


Thank your Father and Help Another’s Father on Father’s Day!

Not all heroes wear capes.

This father’s day, let us all recognize and reward our father for everything they have done for us. But as you cherish your relationship with your father, do also give a thought to all the above fathers and daughter’s fighting to keep their loved one alive.


Here’s what you can do to help our #ImpactFathers


Donate on Behalf of your Father: Gift your father good wishes by making a donation to help another father on his behalf.

Start a fundraiser in support: You can start a support fundraiser to get your friends and family to donate and raise funds for the above fathers.

Share these stories: Share these stories with your family and friends to get help for these fathers.

Start a Fundraiser: If your father is going through a problem, help him out by starting a fundraiser and easing his burden, like he has always done for you!.


We believe that all fathers in a way are #ImpactFathers, which is why we would like to wish all Dads an #ImpactFather’sDay!


Celebrate Father’s Day with Love and Kindness!