Rs. 8,15,915 in 60 days! The Successful Crowdfunding Story of Harish Rohra

Harish, who was new to crowdfunding, raised more than 8 lakh from friends and supporters to fund his kidney treatment on Impact Guru. Here is a first-hand account of how he did it.

“I fell upon difficult times in my life when both my kidneys failed me. The medical bills piled up and my health stopped me from going to work. My life became filled with uncertainty and anxiety. I didn’t have money for my transplant but gradually my family and I collected almost enough. Just when I thought life was resuming normalcy, disaster struck. My daughter, Parvati, was diagnosed with a genetic condition that was affecting her vital organs. Major surgery was required. We acted quickly to rescue my daughter, like any responsible family would. But we were back to square one in terms of funding my own treatment.   

One day while browsing Facebook, I stumbled upon Impact Guru – a fundraising platform. The concept of online fundraising was new and unfamiliar to me. But I had nothing to lose and decided to give fundraising a chance. My family doubted if fundraising would generate funds. They didn’t believe in the possibility of acquaintances and strangers funding my medical treatment and the fact that donors would have to donate online to help me, made them even more skeptical.

I wrote an emotional appeal to potential donors, describing the events in my life honestly and provided a letter from my doctor stating my medical condition clearly. My brother also took photos of me as I was going through dialysis treatment and uploaded them on my fundraiser page. The Impact Guru team helped me put my story up in a better manner and post that, my fundraiser was live and ready to receive donations.

I shared my fundraiser on Facebook and my family did the same. I had not been socializing much due to the various turmoils in my life. But Facebook helped connect me to my old friends, classmates and acquaintances. When they heard of my serious condition, they came forward to help immediately. Not only did all of them donate to my fundraiser but they also shared it with their networks and asked for donations on my behalf. With tremendous support from my family, friends and their friends, donations began coming in rapidly including from overseas; much to my surprise. Within 35 days, I reached my target of Rs. 8.15 Lakhs.

After the completion of my fundraiser, Impact Guru disbursed my funds within 2 working days. I am yet to find a kidney match but my family and me have been relieved of our major mental stress- money.

Honestly, this would not have been possible without Impact Guru’s platform and their dedicated customer support who guided me through every step of my fundraising journey.

My family has turned from doubters to believers and recommend Impact Guru to anyone who is in a predicament similar to the one I was in.”

Take a look at Harish’s fundraiser. If you too are facing a medical emergency and want to start a fundraiser, click here or email us at

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