Crowdsourcing: You were doing it all along!

We keep hearing about crowdsourcing. Most of us think of it as a technical jargon that has all of a suddenly taken the internet by a storm. When I decided to dig deeper, I realised that we have been crowdsourcing all along!

To understand more, let’s travel back in time. Figuratively of-course!

The year is 1936 and Kiichiro Toyoda, is disappointed with all the sample logo designs for his company Toyota Motor Co. But then his team hits a brilliant idea. They organise a contest and throw their doors open for people to participate in it. They receive an overwhelming response from over 27,000 entries. The winning logo is the three Japanese katakana letters for “Toyoda” in a circle, which was later modified into the iconic figure that is recognised worldwide today.

This example proves that,  when a large group of people contribute towards an end goal the  entire exercise is nothing but crowdsourcing.

Crowdsourcing essentially follows one basic principle: of uniting a large group of people to contribute in little quantities, to one common cause. And it has limitless uses.

Well, the chances are, you too  have actively used crowdsourcing without knowing it!

Now before you start scratching your heads let me tell you how:


1) Brainstorming

If you have ever been a part of a brainstorming session, you would know that it revolves around a group of people coming together to resolve one common issue. To find that one eureka moment. In case you did not already figure out, that’s crowdfunding!

2) Asking for suggestions on social media

Many of you must have asked for suggestions on your  Facebook timelines or various groups about which cafe you  should visit next, or the next  movie you should be watching or even your next holiday destination, only to realise how your friends that come to your rescue with lightening speed…bam bam bammm… Well my friends, that another problem successfully crowdsourced and  like a pro!




3) Using the Oxford English Dictionary

It can be safely assumed that most of us might have at least one copy of this book at home!

The OED was way ahead of every other dictionary of its time because it crowdsourced the collection and compilation of information from hundreds of volunteers also making it the best one. And every time you scanned through the pages of the book to find something, you were actually crowdsourcing information!




4) Sharing Reviews

You will agree that all of us are self-proclaimed experts at being  a critic!  People write restaurant reviews on Zomato or book reviews on Goodreads. And the others  visit these review platforms and take decisions based on these reviews… crowdsourcing again!        




5) Using Q & A sites

You often rush to find answers to all sorts of questions on Quora or Yahoo answers. And surprisingly there is always someone else who knows the right answer! Hey you were crowdsourcing your way through those difficult questions too!

These Q & A websites help bridge the knowledge gap between two parties.




6) Using online directories

We bet, you never thought of it this way! But every time you use online directories like yellow pages or truecaller you become a part of an elaborate crowdsourcing activity. These directories have huge databases of local and international contact details that are crowd sourced and then provided to those who need it.


You might’ve realized how effortlessly you have been acing the crowdsourcing test!

Crowdsourcing has been consistently helping you complete your work by getting a group of people to do it for you. And the best part is that, now you can use crowdsourcing to fund your dreams and aspirations too.

Just like crowdsourcing, crowdfunding website helps bridge a gap. A gap between those who need financial resources and those who are ready to provide them.

In the last year alone, the global crowdfunding industry raised 12 times the funds it raised in 2012!

This is because crowdfunding provides a feasible solution to all funding needs, transparency in all its transactions, easy and effective access that is devoid of tedious bank procedures and traditional funding options and most of all an incredibly low cost of fund raising.

If you wish to raise funds, we at Impact guru help you explore the infinite possibilities of crowdfunding all in a few clicks!


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