Make the world a better place this Eid !


It’s a time for happiness and celebrations. Eid is here and so are the rains. After days of gruelling fasts and unforgiving sunny days we can finally be at peace. It’s a time to be thankful and count our blessings. However, despite the festivities there’s one part of the society that looms in darkness. The unfortunate bit, who are not at liberty to participate in the merrymaking!

It’s believed that charity and giving are principles at the heart of Eid.


Here are 5 ways you can keep the spirit of Eid alive this monsoon and make the world a better place:

Help the homeless
Everyday we see tons of street-dwellers. Many of them have no shelter and live as nomads, moving from one street to another. During rains, life becomes even more difficult for them. Their make-shift homes often give away and they are forced to spend cold nights in the rains. We can help such people by offering them unused umbrellas, raincoats, blankets and/or food that they can store like biscuits. Also, you can give away the leftover biryani and sheer-qorma to them, they will be more than grateful.  These things might seem insignificant and small to us, but for some them it can be a lifesaver.
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Shelter the strays
Most of us tend to overlook the fact, that like us animals too need the safety and comfort of a shelter. The rains tend to be most cruel with the poor stray animals. They are tongue tied and cannot even express their discomfort. These strays usually find shelter under cars or hidden corners to get away from the rains. It’s not feasible to take in every stray we see on the road, but the least we can do is not turn them away and let them stay if you find them shrivelled and huddled under your car! Feel free to toss out leftovers to them so that they can survive the cold rains.
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Carpool to reduce traffic
Hundreds of cars tailed behind one another, all honking simultaneously in rush hour. If you live in a city you will relate to this immediately, and add pouring rains to this you have an absolute mess lined up. But since we are talking about making positive changes this Eid, we might as well try and address this issue. Well, the solution has been staring right back at us all this while. All we need to do is practically apply it. Carpooling! We’re sure this was obvious. However carpooling is the best quick-fix we can hope for. Not only will it reduce traffic, but it will also reduce your expenditure on fuel and maintenance considerable. Also, you have company throughout the journey, sounds fun yet?
Plant trees
Admit it, the main reason why we don’t plant trees is because we are lazy and just don’t want to take responsibility of watering it everyday! But this is the only time of the year when you don’t have to worry about watering your plants. All you have to do is take 15 minutes of your time and plant a  tree. The rains will do the rest. Do your bit, and make the earth greener this monsoon!
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Donate to people in need with Impact Guru
There’s nothing better than the feeling of helping  someone in need. There are thousands out there who aren’t as fortunate as you. You cannot reach out to all of them personally, but the least you can do is donate to support them. Here at Impact Guru you can contribute to any cause that speaks to your heart. After all, isn’t that what Eid is all about?

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