Essential Ingredients For The Perfect Crowdfunding Pitch for your Film Fundraiser

More and more independent filmmakers are leaning towards the concept of film crowdfunding to give their film a chance to be seen by everyone, as crowdfunding for films is the quickest and easiest way to do it. Film and cinema are surely the most powerful tools of storytelling, but the art of storytelling is equally important when it comes to creating a campaign pitch for your film crowdfunding activities. There are several crowdfunding websites for films, that offer support and fundraising tips for first-time filmmakers who have opted for crowdfunding for films. It is important that you gauge the benefits and offerings of each crowdfunding website for your film, and then make a decision as to which one suits your needs most.


We’ll make it easy for you by telling you exactly the ingredients you need for the perfect pitch for our film crowdfunding campaign. By following these fundraising tips, we are sure that your crowdfunding campaign will be a success. Read on to find out some useful pointers when crowdfunding for films.


A Great Idea

This is the most obvious one. You need a unique concept that you’re sure can translate into a great film. Your film should have a social element that adds value, and leaves an impact on the minds of people who watch it.


A Passionate Team

No, we aren’t referring to your filmmaking team. You need a supporter base that will give your film’s crowdfunding activities the boost that it needs. This inner circle of your supporters should include your family and friends, who will support you no matter what.


A Powerful Teaser

We can’t stress this one enough. The power of visuals is unmatched to any other. The video can be a combination of your pitch, as well as a teaser of the movie. If you can capture the attention of potential donors in those 2 to 3 minutes, then raising money online for your film will be a cakewalk.  


A Knack For Social Media

This is a must for anyone who is raising funds on a crowdfunding website for films There is nothing that can spread a message faster than social media. Use the sharing, tagging, liking facility on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, to create a buzz around the film, and have more people know why it’s important that this film gets made.


A Reward For Supporters

Rewards are a great incentive for any situation. In this instance, you could offer complimentary tickets, invites to private screenings and launches, film merchandise, or a chance to meet the actors. A quick fundraising tip: make the rewards as exclusive as possible.


By opting to raise funds for your film through crowdfunding, rather than going to a production house, you get to maintain your creative freedom. To put it simply, you need to give your filmmaking campaign the time and energy it deserves. Once the funds start coming in, you will see all your efforts come to fruition. Moreover, in a country like India that is growing in the creative arts space, using film to convey important social messages is influential in reaching out to larger audiences. Impact Guru offers fundraising solutions to independent filmmakers who aspire to share their work with the world.


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