The gospel of do’s and don’t to ease your lives when cyclone Vardah hits home !

The Indian Meteorological department has just upgraded the status of Cyclone Vardah from severe to very severe. It is expected to hit home in and around the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh by tomorrow afternoon. So if you live anywhere in or near these regions light- take these necessary precautions and be safe from the mayhem of the rampaging storm.


  • Stay indoors – and I mean it! Don’t go out unless absolutely essential. Say no for once – even if your best friend cajoles you to join him at the nearest pub for a night out.
  • Chillin’ out in that house by the beach? Move to safer areas asap!!!  No, seriously we are not kidding here. All individuals living in low-lying areas or near a beach are advised to move to higher areas to avoid such unpleasant things like storm surges and wind knocking you down by your tail.
  • Listen to the rescue workers, please! We know and feel the intense angst that you might be facing at the rescue shelter. But that is not an excuse to ignore common sense and rush back to your homes at the first opportunity; because life is more precious than mere possessions.
  • Keep all your electronic devices and emergency lights charged. You don’t want to be in the middle of nowhere when the storm makes merry! Power lines would be the first casualty of its mayhem.
  • Let go of your cars for once! Your favorite SUV might just lead to a huge traffic bottleneck especially if it breaks down in the middle of the road. Go for public transport like Buses or matadors for a quick and hassle-free evacuation.
  • Be calm, Panic is not gonna lead you anywhere- rather plan for all contingencies and stay vigilant and you are gonna sail through the cyclone without much of a hitch.
  • Be in the loop, especially when it comes to the latest weather updates and what’s happening all around you! All those mindless nights of Facebook, Twitter, Buzzfeed and Instagram might come in handy now.
  • At all costs, avoid contact with loose electrical wires and minimize your chances of getting electrocuted.
  • Don’t carry bulky luggage while evacuating, despite your strongest urge that you may have to pack  all your latest Fendi bags and Jimmy Choo shoes. Always remember you are running from a cyclone, something that can kill you easily.
  • Don’t let your kids go outside to play or do anything without some form of adult or parental supervision – It is a must that you must follow blindly- please.!


All in all, don’t lose your wits. Be smart, listen to the authorities because they know better and everything will be over before you know it. And here are some emergency numbers to help you out if you need assistance of any kind.


24/7 Control Room ( For Chennaites) – 044-25619206 / 25619511 / 25384965 / 25383694 / 25367823 / 25387570.

Helpline numbers for Pondicherry: 1070, 1077.

Helpline numbers for Cuddalore: 1077,  04142, 220700, 231666.

Whatsapp numbers(for emergencies): 9445477207, 9445477203, 9445477206, 9445477201, 9445477205.

24/7 Control Room (AP): 0866-2488000.

NDMA Control Room : 011-26701728/730.


If you are living somewhere safe or have relatively come out unscathed from the havoc of Cyclone Vardah – you can still lend your hand of support and become a beacon of hope by clicking here.

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