How an internship at Impact Guru infused confidence in me.

I can recall the day when my exams got over and, like most of my peers, I was also very excited to intern at a big corporation. Obviously, who wouldn’t like to have the names of giants like P&G, Reliance, JP Morgan, etc on their resume. But a part of me always wanted to intern at a startup simply because you get to learn everything from the scratch and get a more practical and hands-on experience of running an organisation.

So, I started looking for start-ups working in the crowdfunding space and stumbled upon Impact Guru. I went through the website, the founder’s profile and the overall concept and I was really keen to be a part of it. I applied for a Public Relations and Outreach Strategy position at Impact Guru and got through. The day I got my offer letter, I was really thrilled, excited and nervous at the same time because I knew I would turn into a completely different individual by the time I leave.

We had a list of NGOs and individuals supporting different causes such as poverty, disability, livelihood, community, etc listed on our platform. My role was to devise strategies in order to spread awareness about these causes which in turn drives donations. For that, I made social media outreach plans and pitched it to prospective influencers and media publishing houses. I also spoke to the NGOs who have successfully raised funds on our platform. It helped me build by networking skills and also made me realize that there’s no better feeling than a conversation with a happy and satisfied customer.

My mentors were constantly there not only to guide me, but also to provide valuable suggestions and feedback to the work that I was doing. One such experience that I can recall was when our website was going for a revamp and all of us were allotted some tasks to be done within a specified time and report to Piyush. The humility with which he handled all of us together at a time was simply remarkable. I’ve realized that sometimes, it’s not about which company you work for, it’s about which boss you follow. A good boss teaches you differently.

Normally, when you work for a big company, you’re just a part of a machine. But when I worked for Impact Guru, I learnt the passion, the hard work and the dreams of fellow colleagues and my mentors to build an enterprise. The founders were always open to suggestions and the work environment was very friendly. My work was not only limited to calls and excel sheets but I also learnt a few things about problem-solving, strategy-making and prioritizing things. The founders and my colleagues are really fun to be with and we maintain a cordial relationship. We had even planned a few outings and have enjoyed ourselves every time.

This internship has really helped me understand my shortcomings and how to work on them to improve myself. I am still in touch with my office colleagues and we share a very cordial relationship. Today, I see Impact Guru as a centre of learning and I’ve felt a drastic change in me over the past two months. I’ve become a lot more confident and an enthusiastic individual and I say this with a lot of gratitude. The benefits are manifold and the downside will eventually help me in all my future endeavours.


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