Misconceptions about crowdfunding!

Crowdfunding as a concept predates the internet, but was made commercial only recently. Globally, many portals have been successfully launched, dreams fulfilled, projects completed and donations made. In India, however, the concept is still new with people slowly opening up to it. At Impact Guru we realise that for this alternate mode of financing to be a super duper hit we
need to get rid of a few misconceptions and myths. So,

Dear Reader!

> You have 24 hours in a day, and this will take less than a couple of hours. So STOP wondering if it is time consuming. We promise it is not. You can start a fundraiser and customise it by adding photographs and videos, details all under 5 minutes. And trust us, the happiness a successful campaign brings is PRICELESS.

> The first 24 hours are crucial…. yes as crucial as the next 24 and then the 24 hours after that. Basically, don’t worry if it hasn’t gained any momentum immediately. Just make sure you are doing your bit by sharing and supporting the cause. Good things take time.

> No, this is not a golden rule to go buy: “The longer the campaign, the better.” Sometimes may work in your favour, sometimes may not. If campaigns are too long, people might delay contribution and eventually forget or change their mind.

> Asking for money is NOT begging. Is asking for help on social media when you’re in need begging? Especially if it is for a good cause? No, plus your impact is multiplied because you asked.

> Crowdfunding is not easy. Creating and running a campaign requires effort—be it creating an effective campaign with video stories and pictures to spreading the word through multiple channels and networks such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The good news is, Impact Guru helps you along the way and make the process simple and fun.

> Even though we are a crowdfunding platform, we never propagate that crowdfunding should be “the only” way to raise funds. We know the Indian market is still nascent, and has years to go. However, it does serve as an excellent supplementary method of raising money along with the existing ways to raise money offline through corporates, government grants, HNWIs, foundations, etc.

> It’s more expensive than donating directly to an NGO online. Yes, partly true but not always. Don’t forget the impact this medium can have and the kind of money we can mobilize this way. Crowdfunding has more benefits than online donations on an NGO website due to transparency and social proof. Not only is it a cheaper and more effective way to publicise but also promises better outreach and social media integration.

> Your money is in safe hands, we promise. We know you wonder if your money is properly used. We assure you that it is. We work hard to make sure you get progress reports from the NGOs and that money is always transferred from Impact Guru to the NGOs directly.

Also, you will never know till you try it yourself. So let’s start a campaign NOW!

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