Comparison: Lifestyle Differences Between Pets And Strays

If you live in India, then you’ve surely noticed stray animals especially dogs, roaming the streets helplessly, perhaps in search of food or water. On the other hand, you might have also noticed a healthy, well-bred dog being walked by his owner. There is a stark difference in the way pet animals in India are viewed and treated, as opposed to street animals. And the difference is appalling. The urban stray population in India are the biggest targets of exploitation. Aside from being homeless, their daily problems include scavenging for food and even being mistreated by humans.

Here’s the glaring reality about how stray animals are treated versus how pet animals are treated in India.

Housepets don’t scavenge for food, strays do

A house pet is fed two to three meals every day, in a timely manner, with absolutely no effort to get his food. But a stray never knows when or where his next meal will be. He has to earn it, work hard for it, and scavenge garbage dumps and leftovers every day.


Pets are vaccinated and are healthy, strays aren’t

We’ve already established that strays have to scavenge through garbage bins and food remains for their daily meals. Often times the food is stale and infested with bugs, which brings us to the problem of diseases. Not only does it have an adverse effect on their health, but the diseases also have the potential to spread. Pets, on the other hand, are vaccinated, bathed, and brushed regularly, ensuring they are clean, and healthy at all times.


Comfortable homes for the pets, but no shelter for the stray

House pets have comfortable homes to wake up in every day, keeping them safe from everything outside. For stray animals, their home is under cars or shades of trees. Ever considered how they survive during the summer months when the temperatures are soaring?


Human recklessness and animal cruelty

Pet animals don’t share the same kind of safety as the stray population in India. Street animals are often made the subject of entertainment for human beings. It is not uncommon to hear stories of horrible cruelty towards animals. Last year alone, there were incidents of dogs being thrown off terraces and burnt with firecrackers.


Pets have access to clean water, but strays die of thirst

The summer temperatures in India are a major threat to animals. This summer, several animal enthusiasts, and NGOs are participating in the #PledgeABowl initiative, wherein they put out bowls of water for the stray animals and birds so that they can get by in these burning summer months. The aim of the #PledgeABowl campaign is to reduce the number of deaths due to dehydration between March and June.


You don’t need to be an animal lover or enthusiast, nor do you need to be an activist to help the urban stay in your locality. If funds are what you need for your mission to help animals at risk, we encourage you to raise funds by starting a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru. All you have to do is tell the world about this issue you are trying to resolve and ask them to donate towards your campaign.


You can even support existing initiatives of the #PledgeABowl campaign, by going to their campaign page on the Impact Guru website and making a contribution. Making a small donation will only take a few minutes of your times, but it will save countless lives of the voiceless urban stray animals and birds. It is a great way to make a difference in the lives of our furry friends who can’t speak for themselves.

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