Symptoms of Breast Cancer

Every person has a different breast shape, size, colour, and it is bound to change in the way it looks and feels over the years. In fact, they may even feel different at different times of the month, and that is completely normal. That said, it is important to understand and identify certain changes that may be unusual than the ones you usually see, as it may be a symptom of breast cancer. Early detection of breast cancer symptoms is vital when it comes to treating it. Therefore, if you notice any of the following changes, it is best to visit a professional doctor and get checked.


Unusual tenderness or soreness

Women may feel a certain amount of tenderness or soreness before or during their monthly cycle which is completely normal. However, if the pain or tenderness seems unusual, more than normal, or untimely, it’s always best to avoid the risks and get investigated by your doctor.


Lumps or bumps

This is usually the most telling breast cancer symptom. If you find a lump or a bump that wasn’t there before, you should visit a doctor. Keep in mind that not all lumps are cancerous, but getting such symptoms of breast cancer checked, is always the safest thing to do.


Change in appearance

Your breasts change in shape, size, and colour over the years but if you notice a drastic or abnormal change in how they look, it could be a breast cancer symptom that you should not ignore.


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If you notice rashes, swelling, crusting, or redness on the skin of your breasts, it could be a symptom of breast cancer.


Nipple discharge

Experiencing a milky discharge from your breasts if you’re not breastfeeding, may be a cause for concern and should be checked by a professional at the earliest.


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Change in direction of the nipple

If the nipple is turned inwards instead of outwards, it may be a sign of breast cancer. Additionally, if you notice unusual asymmetry of change in one breast, it is best to get checked. However, many people have asymmetrical breasts, therefore there is a need to worry only if it is a newly noticed change.


All these symptoms may not necessarily indicate cancer, but having them checked is a must. Moreover, doing regular checks for breast cancer even if you don’t have these symptoms is a good practice.


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Don’t let Breast Cancer win – identify the symptoms.

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