3 easy ways to fund your medical treatment

When someone in your family falls severely ill, aside from the trauma of the sickness itself, medical expenses and hospital bills can be really damaging to the family. In India, where health and sanitation facilities are not easily accessible or affordable for all, especially in many rural regions, catching a life threatening disease or illness is feared.


The most practical measure to seek help with medical bills is to have medical insurance. But realistically speaking, the greater number of our population may not be able to afford medical insurance. So they resort to other ways, such as applying for loans or asking friends and family for money.


Here are three useful ways to seek financial help for medical treatment:


1.)  Medical Loans: 


medical fund blog-Loan


As long as there are no previous loans or arrears, with the right documentation and verification process, application for financial help for medical treatment in the form of a loan can be raised with the bank for medical emergencies. Alternatively, one can even take a personal loan from a friend or a family member for little or no interest to get help with medical bills.


2.) NGOs or Private trusts


medical funding blog-NGos



There are many NGOs and private trusts that have been set up solely to provide financial help for medical treatment to people suffering from a certain medical condition. For instance, there are cancer societies, AIDS trusts, associations for the blind, to name a few. Most of these associations have strong networks with philanthropists, and even government networks, who can offer subsidized treatments and schemes for payments.  


3.) Crowdfunding


medical fund blog- Crowdfunding


Crowdfunding is another very effective way to raise funds for medical expenses. This method relies on effectively communicating your urgency for funds to a large number of individuals, groups, and organizations, who can be persuaded to contribute even small amounts through online platforms. There are many crowdfunding portals such as Impact Guru, that one can use to set up their campaign and apply for financial help for medical treatment. While it is a newer method, it is growing in popularity owing to its ease of usage and effectiveness of fund utilization.


When a loved one’s life is in jeopardy, and can only be saved through an expensive medical procedure, the need of the hour is to find any way that you can to get medical help and raise money for treatment.

Worried about paying the medical bills? Sign up to get access to financial help for medical treatment.




Worried about paying the medical bills? Sign up to get access to financial help for medical treatment.

5 Children who overcame all odds to survive!

Little children are these warm fuzzy bundles of joy, and just peeking a look at them can brighten anyone’s day! But do not go by their happy, innocent and melt worthy faces, these tiny tots have endured some really deadly diseases that exist in this world.

Here are a few children who defied medical experts and survived despite all odds. Their stories represent hope and strength and a never-give-up spirit!  



1)Ayaan Hashmi: a 4 year old’s fight against renal cancer.

emran hashmi

                                                       EMRAAN HASHMI WITH HIS SON AYAAN.

Many of us may recollect the shock upon hearing this news when it first hit the tabloids.

Ayan, the son of renowned bollywood actor Emran Hashmi was 4 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of a malignant renal tumour that affects the kidney. A visit to the doctor, confirmed Ayaan’s parent’s worst fears. But with the support and guidance of medical experts, an immediate surgical intervention and months of chemotherapy, little Ayan is out of danger. He has since, recuperated at a lightening speed and has also begun his schooling!

2)Christian Buchanan: the tiny tot who survived ABS.


                                                     CHRISTIAN WITH HIS BROTHER.

Born with no eyes and a severe cleft lip and palate, 2 year old Christian Buchanan’s was affected by a severe case of Amniotic Band Syndrome. He’s one of the only about 50 people in the world to suffer from this condition.

Christian will need many more surgeries in his upcoming years to reconstruct his birth defects and overcome other complications. But in every other way, he is growing up to be a perfectly healthy boy inspiring thousands with his incredible story (watch his story).


3)Aditi Gilbile: a miracle baby who survived 20 heart attacks.


                                                          ADITI  AFTER THE SURGERY.

You would probably find it hard to believe that a 4 month old baby could experience over 20 heart attacks, let alone survive them!

A four-month-old Aditi from Solapur, India suffered from a rare Alcapa, a condition in which the artery reverses the blood supply from the heart which causes recurring heart attacks. It is observed only in one in three lakh children.

After being diagnosed Aditi underwent an urgent 9 hour surgery surgery to reposition her artery,  by a team of six doctors in a hospital in Mumbai. Aditi’s operation was a success and she escaped death by an inch. Her survival is nothing short of a miracle!


4) Cameron Mott: the little girl who lives with only half a brain!

              cameron mott

                                                              CAMERON AFTER THE SURGERY.

At the age of 3 Cameron Motts was affected by Rasmussen’s Syndrome, a condition that causes destruction of one side of the brain. Her condition would  often cause  up to 10 seizures a day.

According to the doctors, the only way to stop her seizures was to perform a medical procedure called a hemispherectomy, that is, removing the non-functional half of the brain. Imagine someone telling you that your child is going to be operated to get rid of half her brain!

It was a tough decision to make but in the end her parents agreed and Cameron successfully got through the procedure. And today little cam, as her family calls her, is a healthy 15 year old who loves to dance!


5) Baby Dimple: A baby girl who still awaits her fate…..


The stories sure are painful, but these tiny tots have shown more endurance and courage than most grown up adults. While, we appreciate you reading and shedding a tear or two while reading these stories, Impact Guru gives you this chance to help survive another such baby called Dimple, from Hyderabad, India is  6 months old and is suffering from a rare genetic disorder called severe combined immunodeficiency. Click here to learn how you can help her survive and live a long healthy life.


Let’s fight cancer together.

war against cancer umang


Mumbai-based college festival Umang, has joined hands with Impact Guru and  Indian Cancer society to wage a war against cancer. The initiative wants to take this war to every Indian student via fundraising and advocacy! If Pokemon Go can go viral, so can this.

A shocking research conducted by National Cancer Patient Registry  revealed that, by 2020 approximately 12 Lakh Indians will be diagnosed with cancer. In a fast paced life like today, cancer is a silent killer. Moreover, other statistics reveal that every minute, nearly 12 people die due to cancer around the world, and 50% of those lose their lives to breast, lung or prostate cancer. That means that every hour, the population of a small village is wiped off the face of the earth.

While some cases of malignant cancer are naturally occurring the rest are caused due to improper and unhealthy lifestyle habits. The most prominent being ‘smoking’. A big issue haunting the youth. Observing that the magnanimity of this issue, the students at NM college Mumbai,  decided to take a stand against it. A co-ordinating student of the cultural college festival Umang said, “Many youngsters like us smoke cigarettes and hookah. Most of them do it, not realizing the repercussions of this dangerous habit”.The students realized that instead of watching their close ones fall prey to this deadly addiction, they could use their resourcefulness to bring about a positive change.



Coinciding with the annual cultural festival “Umang”, the main objective of the campaign is to reach out to cancer patients in the city and spread awareness about the disease and its causes among the youth. The students believed that the fest would give them the perfect platform to reach out to its participants in it. To take this idea further and embark on this journey against cancer ‘The Indian Cancer Society of India’ was roped in.





By associating with The Cancer Society of India, Umang hopes to embrace the poor and underprivileged cancer patients and also take their inspiring stories back to the youth, who need it the most.

Cancer is curable if detected during its early stages. However amongst their difficult life, most of the poor folk ignore early signs of cancer. The few who do, try and get it diagnosed but are unable to bear the cost of various diagnostic tests required before treatment can be started. Many would return home and come back to the hospital with the cancer in its advanced stages.       

The Dr. Arun Kurkure Program by the Indian Cancer Society helps such poor patients pay the initial part of their treatment. Any patient from a government hospital can take benefit of this fund.The focus being on early confirmation and diagnosis of the disease. ICS has already helped 1942 patients through its initiative and plans to help many more.


A day to salute those who slayed cancer!




In addition to their association with ICS, the students spent an entire day with cancer survivors at Ugam, an indian cancer society, that is home to many  inspiring stories.  A student from team Umang said, “These brave hearts  inspire us to look at only the positive things in life”. They interacted with the members of the society by playing musical instruments like the guitar and the ‘Jambe’, playing  melodies and  keeping everyone in a really joyous mood. Games like Passing the parcel, Dumb charades and Antakshri were played to make everyone come forward to display hidden talents, adding to the fun!


umang campaign


These students are also striving to conduct educational and awareness related activities to help inculcate a healthy attitude towards health and lifestyle among peers and participants of the festival. As a part of this cancer campaign Umang  has decided to raise INR 3,21,000 for the Indian Cancer Society through Impact Guru.

It’s time you  join the Umang bandwagon too and fight this war against cancer. Along with the Cancer Society of India and Umang, you can help save precious lives: www.impactguru.com/umang