5 ways to Raise Funds for Cancer Treatment


From doctor’s bills to expensive medications and tests to radiation and chemotherapy, cancer devastates millions of lives every year. Inability to get the financial help for cancer patients often leads to lost hopes, and sufferers just giving up.


But today thankfully, there are newer and more innovative ways to raise funds for cancer treatment, such as crowdfunding, that are not only easier and faster but also come without the long-term implications such as interests on loan.


This World Cancer Day, Impact Guru presents to you a list of 5 ways, you can raise funds for your loved one who is fighting cancer:


Online crowdfunding campaign for cancer patients

There are several online portals for crowdfunding, such as Impact Guru that enables you to use the power of technology to ask people to donate for your treatment costs. All you have to do is create a compelling campaign story, accompanied with audio-visuals, that can be directly aimed at potentials donors, such as cancer survivor networks, and others involved in philanthropy. Once your campaign is put out to the people, anyone who connects with your cause, will donate and help you fight the disease.


A fundraising event for cancer patients

There are various kinds of charity events that you can organize, to have people come together for a good cause. Some ideas for cancer fundraisers are: charity runs for patients on World Cancer Day, musical concerts, bake sales, etc. All you have to do is mobilize the crowd by inviting them to your event. Let them know about the disease, how long you’ve been fighting it, what type of cancer you have, and which treatment can save your life. Not only does it provide financial help for the cancer patient, but it also allows people to be part of a fun activity.


The power of virality on social media

Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? Within 2 days, everyone was aware of the disease. It became so viral, that celebrities and famous personalities were doing the challenge on social media, and asking people to donate to the cause. That was one of the most successful, viral fundraising activity that ever took place to raise awareness for a disease.


Direct donations from your family and friends

Your family and friends are your closest and most supportive network. Since they know you personally, they will surely step forward to help you raise money for your treatment. These are the people who care for you most and want to see you get better, so don’t hesitate in contacting them for help.


NGOs, private trusts, and government schemes

There are several associations for cancer aid, and cancer survivors, that give financial assistance to people who cannot afford treatment. Aside from that, there are also several government schemes, that help sufferers with grants, to pay for expensive treatments.


We hope this list helps you in case, you are raising funds for someone who is fighting cancer. Being a sufferer of this fatal disease is never easy, and adding to the sorrow is the struggle that families go through to raise sufficient funds for treatment. The most important thing is to not give up hope and to employ these innovative methods in emerging out safe and sound.
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Making charity cool again !

Remember those days when people with tins went from home to home collecting “donations.” Well, we are way past those days! Today, we come across people organizing wine and dines, pledging to pour ice cold water over their heads or participating in a dance-off to raise money!

It’s no more just the privilege of the elite and the rich, anyone and everyone can be a part of the charity world. If you have a little time and a creative mind, no fundraising idea is out of bounds, or too crazy!  

The best part is that,  these “crazy ideas” can contribute to the greater good. If you need a little inspiration, here are a few of those whacky, out of the box and unique fundraisers!


1)A rickshaw ride to save the planet.


What if I told you a crazy adventure ride, on a rickshaw could save the rainforests of the world? Well, Rickshaw-run proved that it is possible! Till date team rickshaw run has raised a whopping £5.5 million, all for causes related to environmental preservation, and social causes closely related to environmental preservation and restoration. (here is an example of one of their fundraisers).


2) A game of basketball in the middle of a warzone.


We normally wouldn’t associate war and conflict with sports, but PeacePlayers turned a warzone into a game court! PeacePlayers impacted the lives of many youngsters in conflict ridden regions like South Africa, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Israel and the West Bank with the help of sports, by incorporating an “on-court” curriculum to teach peace and leadership through basketball games!

They also raise funds for their initiative by organising basketball tournaments annually!


3) Making a difference with every step.

mera tera run

13 days, 13 Cities, 13 Half Marathons to bring about a tremendous social change. The “Mera Terah Run” included over 150 runners in this one of a kind mega run to  raise funds for  training and community development, preserving the coastal stretch in Maharashtra and empowering rural villages by spreading awareness and educating them Their fundraiser gathered a  tremendous INR 1.7 million and impacted several lives in the process.


4) Spinning the beats for a cause.


The renowned music artist David Guetta teamed up with the UN for the World Humanitarian Day as part of their social media campaign #TheWorldNeedsMore. Guetta’s live performance was premiered from the UN headquarters and in the process the building’s walls were transformed into the world’s largest Twitter feed! Each tweet and ReTweet from the event worked to raise one dollar to go directly toward aiding those in the Philippines, Syria, and other nations seriously affected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

5) A fundraiser to make India’s biggest campus go green.


When your college is spread across 500 acres, walking becomes a little tiring! Even after trying all modes of transport like autos & buses IIT Bombay campus’s “transport crisis” refused to be resolved, and moreover those modes were not eco-friendly.  Finally they hit a brilliant idea. They thought, “why not use cycles?” Thus was born the dynamic cycle sharing system which will provide 1000 cycles across 16 hostels for 10000 students. Making the students fit, and the campus green! (read their story here)

6) Making the game available to all.

challenged athletes

Challenged Athletes Foundation(CAF) is on a mission to make sure that people with physical challenges have the same freedom to enjoy sports as everyone else.

Providing equipment such as hand cycles and mono skis CAF ensures that physically challenged  athletes aren’t forced to sit out from activity because they cannot afford special equipment. Their signature fundraising events like the “Tour de Cover” and “The million dollar challenge” are known worldwide!

7) Boot Camp to bring baby Lucy home.

baby lucy

So, what do you do when you are stuck in a foreign country, trying to get your adopted baby girl, home? Organize a bootcamp, of course!

US couple, Bree and Cody left for China to adopt baby Lucy, but the proceedings were taking a little longer than they expected. Unfortunately they were running out of funds for their extended stay! But their friends back home helped them by organizing a fun summer boot camp to raise funds! The event was a huge success and baby Lucy was finally home!




These incredible stories have definitely blown my mind, what about you?

And you know what’s more?  If you have a cause close to your heart and a fundraising idea that’s unique and heartwarming, you can create a campaign and raise funds for your cause too! (Create a campaign now )


5 Children who overcame all odds to survive!

Little children are these warm fuzzy bundles of joy, and just peeking a look at them can brighten anyone’s day! But do not go by their happy, innocent and melt worthy faces, these tiny tots have endured some really deadly diseases that exist in this world.

Here are a few children who defied medical experts and survived despite all odds. Their stories represent hope and strength and a never-give-up spirit!  



1)Ayaan Hashmi: a 4 year old’s fight against renal cancer.

emran hashmi

                                                       EMRAAN HASHMI WITH HIS SON AYAAN.

Many of us may recollect the shock upon hearing this news when it first hit the tabloids.

Ayan, the son of renowned bollywood actor Emran Hashmi was 4 when he was diagnosed with a rare form of a malignant renal tumour that affects the kidney. A visit to the doctor, confirmed Ayaan’s parent’s worst fears. But with the support and guidance of medical experts, an immediate surgical intervention and months of chemotherapy, little Ayan is out of danger. He has since, recuperated at a lightening speed and has also begun his schooling!

2)Christian Buchanan: the tiny tot who survived ABS.


                                                     CHRISTIAN WITH HIS BROTHER.

Born with no eyes and a severe cleft lip and palate, 2 year old Christian Buchanan’s was affected by a severe case of Amniotic Band Syndrome. He’s one of the only about 50 people in the world to suffer from this condition.

Christian will need many more surgeries in his upcoming years to reconstruct his birth defects and overcome other complications. But in every other way, he is growing up to be a perfectly healthy boy inspiring thousands with his incredible story (watch his story).


3)Aditi Gilbile: a miracle baby who survived 20 heart attacks.


                                                          ADITI  AFTER THE SURGERY.

You would probably find it hard to believe that a 4 month old baby could experience over 20 heart attacks, let alone survive them!

A four-month-old Aditi from Solapur, India suffered from a rare Alcapa, a condition in which the artery reverses the blood supply from the heart which causes recurring heart attacks. It is observed only in one in three lakh children.

After being diagnosed Aditi underwent an urgent 9 hour surgery surgery to reposition her artery,  by a team of six doctors in a hospital in Mumbai. Aditi’s operation was a success and she escaped death by an inch. Her survival is nothing short of a miracle!


4) Cameron Mott: the little girl who lives with only half a brain!

              cameron mott

                                                              CAMERON AFTER THE SURGERY.

At the age of 3 Cameron Motts was affected by Rasmussen’s Syndrome, a condition that causes destruction of one side of the brain. Her condition would  often cause  up to 10 seizures a day.

According to the doctors, the only way to stop her seizures was to perform a medical procedure called a hemispherectomy, that is, removing the non-functional half of the brain. Imagine someone telling you that your child is going to be operated to get rid of half her brain!

It was a tough decision to make but in the end her parents agreed and Cameron successfully got through the procedure. And today little cam, as her family calls her, is a healthy 15 year old who loves to dance!


5) Baby Dimple: A baby girl who still awaits her fate…..


The stories sure are painful, but these tiny tots have shown more endurance and courage than most grown up adults. While, we appreciate you reading and shedding a tear or two while reading these stories, Impact Guru gives you this chance to help survive another such baby called Dimple, from Hyderabad, India is  6 months old and is suffering from a rare genetic disorder called severe combined immunodeficiency. Click here to learn how you can help her survive and live a long healthy life.