Treatments for Cancer

In India, an estimated 8.8 lakh cancer related deaths are expected by 2020. These numbers are terrifying, and therefore it is important for us to learn about the little things in our everyday life that can be possible causes of cancer. However, for a cancer patient, the most tricky part is to recognize the symptoms of the disease and take immediate steps to prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.  


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Cancer is treated differently at different stages, depending on the type of cancer affecting our body, such as  – lung cancer treatment, blood cancer treatment, breast cancer treatment, stomach cancer treatment, etc. There are some commonly practiced treatments, as well as new alternative cancer treatments. That said, the cost for each type of cancer treatment is quite high, adding significant financial burden to the patient and the family. Therefore it is important for patients and families to understand the health, as well as financial implication before taking a decision on the treatment.



More commonly known as ‘chemo’, it is the use of drugs to treat or kill cancer cells that have already spread in a person’s body. While radiation and surgery can affect cancerous cells only in a certain part, chemo medication has its effects on the entire body. It is often used as palliative treatment, when cancer is in its advanced stages, with the goal to reduce pain or improve the patient’s quality of life.



Radiation is that one word which is most commonly associated with cancer treatment. It uses high-energy x-rays, gamma rays, beams, or protons to damage or destroy cancer cells, and prevent them from multiplying or spreading to other parts of the body. Radiation comes with some side effects, because the rays may also affect other cells in our body. Side effects include fatigue, nausea, hair loss, skin problems, appetite loss, etc.


Targeted therapy

Targeted therapy is a relatively new technique that uses drugs to attack only cancer affected cells. It is similar to radiation, but has different side-effects because it is more specific in it’s target.



Immunotherapy uses one’s own body and immune system to fight cancer. Certain proteins are given to patients, to stimulate their immune system to work harder in order to fight the cancerous cells. In most cases, it is used in a combination with another treatment.



Usually when cancer is found in only one part of a person’s body, it can be removed with one or more surgeries by cutting out the cancerous part, and preventing it from growing and spreading. This technique won’t be efficient if a person has cancer spread in other parts of the body, therefore it might have to be done in combination with another treatment.


These cancer treatments as well as the alternative cancer treatments have their positives and negatives, which your doctor can explain best. But the real problem arises when a person already affected by the disease can’t access proper cancer cure and treatments due to financial constraints. Each of these cancer treatments have a draining effect on the financial position of the sufferer.


Regardless of mediclaims, insurances, or medical loans, majority of the Indian population affected by the disease is not in a position of afford even basic treatment for cancer, such as chemotherapy and radiation, let alone surgeries – which would completely deplete a person’s financial savings, even if they have been saving for years. In these situations, people need to look at available alternative cancer treatment or different ways to raise funds for cancer cure, such as crowdfunding, to help them pay for treatment.


By starting a crowdfunding campaign, a patient can mobilize people who are compassionate to help, and request them to donate towards a treatment fund. So if you, or anyone you know has cancer, don’t let them fight alone.


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5 Women whose Social Innovations changed the World

Social innovators in India are making progress against varied social problems such as the lack of high-quality education, limited access to clean water and hygiene, and inadequate nutrition. Some of these social innovators are woman entrepreneurs and are among the most powerful women in India. However, you maybe surprised at how young some woman entrepreneurs are.

On the occasion of Women’s Day, we at Impact Guru are celebrating successful women entrepreneurs whose social innovations have transformed the world we live in.

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Shalini Kumari


Moved by the plight of her grandfather who was unable to use the stairs due to the limitations of his walker, 12 year old Shalini Kumari determinedly set about to rectify the situation.

She came up with the design of a walker with a spring and self-locking front legs. The user has to push the front legs of the walker on the upper stair and the rear legs rest on the lower stair which makes the walker stable and strong enough to hold the weight on it, enabling the user to climb the stairs.

This adjustable walker also has a foldable seat, a horn and a light attached to it. The walker can take up to 100 kg weight and can be adjusted to different environments.

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Shweta Sharma & Jaskiran Goraya


These two Class 9 students from Jalandhar came up with the idea of putting a layer of liquid that degenerates the covering membrane and spoils the tablet after the expiry date. Shweta came up with the idea after discovering many expired tablets at her house and worrying that she might have consumed one at some point.

Jaskiran saw a TV serial in which an illiterate person gave expired medicines to a patient which worsened his condition. Jaskiran felt that she needed to find a technique to help an illiterate person find out if the medicine has expired or not. So her idea was to make the medicine box/packaging such that it changes colour once it expired.

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Remya Jose


The pedal-powered washing machine cum exercise machine, featured in the film 3 Idiots, was inspired by the invention of 20-year-old Remya Jose from Kerala, which has also been showcased on the Discovery Channel.

During her 10th standard, her mother fell ill and her father was undergoing medical treatment. Remya had to change three buses while going to and coming from school and spent about two hours each way. As there was no washing machine at home, the chore of doing the laundry fell on her and her twin sister. Instead of wishing futilely for a washing machine, she decided to try her hand at making one during her vacations!

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Ajaita Shah


Ajaita Shah spent the past eight years working in microfinance and clean energy distribution in India. Born in Scarsdale, New York, to Indian parents, Shah now lives in India full time.

She founded Frontier Markets in 2010 to provide more than 300 rural Indian villages with access to clean energy products, as well as training and services for those products. In lieu of a grid that creates equitable power distribution, she’s promoting the benefits of solar energy and making it easily available to people.

The achievement of these social innovators demonstrates the power of educated women. If we empower more women with education and opportunity, the list of their innovations is only likely to increase. In turn, these innovations could be key to finding solutions to problematic issues in India.

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6 ways in which running a Crowdfunding campaign hones your Business and Management Skills

A crowdfunding campaign is a diverse and multifaceted exercise to raise funds for reasons ranging from social, entrepreneurial, or individual purposes. When you take up a cause and work for it, the fate of your campaign depends on every small detail. As a social entrepreneur or even someone looking to have their start-up funded, please be warned that it is no cake walk. Consider it no easier task than actually running a full-fledged independent business. Why?


Because you will find yourself involved with every kind of activity that an entrepreneur, a manager, or an operational head would undertake. That said, it will polish your skills, and prepare you for any entrepreneurial and managerial challenge in the future.

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Strong business acumen


Strategy and execution sensibilities are the two most vital skills a business man should possess. When you spearhead a social campaign on a crowdfunding platform, you require quick and keen judgement, along with analytical skills to find the audience that will be most appealed by your cause. Additionally, one has to set goals and targets, keeping in mind that the campaign could fail if unrealistic targets are set. It involves leadership skills, quick decision making and even quicker execution skills.


Running a successful business on social media



The first and foremost skill one needs to run a social media campaign is creativity. There is so much information that is so easily accessible, that if your campaign doesn’t bring fresh ideas to the interwebs, it might get lost in the clutter. Social media platforms not only keeps you well informed, but it also makes you adept with using new technologies and apps. Even the smallest details like scheduling timely posts will make a huge difference. Assuming that your campaign has had great reach on social media, you’ll need to keep your audience engaged. It will give you a flair with relationship building, community management, and engagement.

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Improves content writing skills



Writing content for your campaign will range from a simple blog post to an impassioned campaign story. Content needs to be designed in a way that it answers every question that may crop up in the mind of a potential donor. Having said that, while your content needs to be extremely promising, it should not get boring. You will have to spend time planning the most emotive headline for your story, in order to grab eyeballs.

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Creating multimedia content


Ask yourself if you’re more likely to read a long boring post or click on a fun looking video. Sky is the limit when it come to getting creative with visual content. Aside from the standard pictorial content, there’s so much to explore in terms of videos, animations, GIFs, and viral content like memes. You will find yourself continually pushing strings to add energy to dry text content. Undoubtedly, the engagement that you earn from your audience will match your efforts of taking your fundraiser to a new high. .


Marketing and communication skills

marketing concept with business graph and chart hand drawing on blackboard
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The most important aspect of any business is to create awareness about your cause. If people don’t know who you are, or what you’re doing, they will not be interested in collaborating. Additionally, marketing requires fostering goodwill, building relationships, and collaborating, all of which are essential business and entrepreneurial skills. It will require you to analyze every detail of your campaign and chalk out which communication platform is best suited for you. This may require you to learn how to improve communication skills.


Time management and decision making skills

time mgmt

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Though it can be daunting at first, you will find yourself juggling several tasks at the same time. There will be a lot of strategy planning, creating content, operational and technical work, and even scheduling and engaging with interactions on social media. In the bargain, you will learn the art of multitasking, one that will take you a long way in any business.

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While you may be a natural entrepreneur, polishing certain skills will only make you better at running a successful business. What better way to hone these skills than being the CEO of your own little crowdfunding campaign?

If you’ve managed to run a successful campaign, consider yourself prepared for anything that a challenging business can throw at you. And if you haven’t, Impact Guru is the perfect place for you to hone your management skills.