5 Reasons to Work at a Crowdfunding Start-up

Crowdfunding is a new industry that has of late been getting a lot of attention. With new crowdfunding start-ups coming up in India, new career opportunities are opening up. While a lot has been written and said about crowdfunding, very less has been explored in terms of career scope.

One of the dynamic industries today, crowdfunding has a lot of potential, learning and incentives to offer. And, here’s why you should skip traditional companies and join a crowdfunding start-up:

Crowdfunding is new but growing…..really fast!

Crowdfunding is at its nascent stages in India. Which is why, now is a great time to be a part of the industry. Plus, it’s growing way too fast and it won’t leave you behind.  Beginning your career in crowdfunding could mean that you could grow with the industry itself. Since it’s new, crowdfunding also offers better and dynamic opportunities and hasn’t yet been exhausted by many aspirants.  Here’s what a YourStory article states,

“Having grown over a 1,000% in the last five years, the global crowdfunding industry is nothing short of bullish. With $65 billion added to the global economy and 270,000 new jobs created this year alone, crowdfunding efforts have helped re-build economies.”

With Brazil, India and China being emerging markets, this is your chance to be working at the right place at the right time.

Make dreams come true

Sounds like a fantasy line, doesn’t it? In the crowdfunding business, it isn’t. We see this happen almost every day.  Passion projects, NGO programs, Individual emergencies, do-good enterprises; thousands have made it only with the help of crowdfunding. And, to be the driving force, the facilitator, the motivator for such projects is what will constantly inspire and drive you!u

A socially-conscious career

Most of us have been trying to balance our professional career with our need to help others.  At a crowdfunding start-up you don’t only get a fast-growing, well-paying career but also help create social change. Your job on a day-to-day basis could be to strategize corporate CSR to bring change or to market a campaign by an NGO to build schools for the underprivileged or to find backers for a social enterprise that wants to create environment-friendly products. No matter what you do here, you will surely be making a difference to the world and it will feel terrific!

Meet young innovators

Most crowdfunding platforms are run by young entrepreneurs who are passionate about social change and innovation.  The start-up environment assures debates, discussions and a whole lot of learning from some great minds. Plus, you will be interacting with social entrepreneurs, NGO founders, film-makers, artists and more.  Can you imagine the exposure!

Fast-paced and challenging!

A crowdfunding start-up office is vibrant and energetic. There’s always an exciting project in the pipeline, or a high-profile fundraiser waiting to be created, a tech problem needing attention or a successful fundraiser to be celebrated! Roles are never just limited to one thing which gives you an option to explore and expand your talents!


Go apply now!