5 Fundraising Ideas for September to Inspire You

The month of September brings with itself plenty of important events to make this month a month full of happiness by spreading care, joy and humanity of the occasion.

Have a look at the list below and find out a cause that will resonate with you: 

Teacher’s Day (September 5)



Everybody needs a teacher to guide them along the right path. However, the principal impact of a teacher lies not in imparting knowledge but rather, in inspiring young minds. A good teacher is dedicated, transformative, patient and trustworthy. But a great teacher’s tutelage sticks throughout one’s life.

 On Teacher’s Day, experience the joy of transforming and guiding someone’s life. Take the example of Himalayan Academy’s Project Alpha, which is trying to build a classroom for underprivileged children and provide them with living space and education for free!

Alternatively, you can make a great difference to your local school by starting a fundraiser like this one to provide better learning resources or even go out to sponsor the education of a child here!


Alzheimer’s Day (September 21)

In 1940, the average life expectancy for an a Indian stood at 41 years. Six decades later, it  has risen to 60 years. Security and a healthy life for the elderly in India is threatened by lack of laws to protect them as well as a low number of homes and shelters to help them. In most cases, the elderly who lack a family to take care of them, end up living miserable lives.

This is especially true for people with Alzheimer’s Disease who need intensive care but are not giving any. Those who suffer from the problem are often abandoned or put into ill-equipped old age homes. . Alzheimer’s often starts manifesting itself in the form of dementia and progressively becomes much worse to the point where they are unable to fend for themselves. This is even more aggravating if the elderly suffers from abandonment, destitution and desolation. In India, nearly 40% of the elderly live alone, It is vital, therefore, that we do our best to care for them.

You can help Dignity Foundation in their effort to ensure that the elderly don’t go to bed hungry every night. Through their plan, they seek to provide 50 elderly with food rations at least for one year to help them live better lives.

World Rose Day (September 22)


Diagnosed with Askin Tumour, a rare form of blood cancer, the 12-year-old Canadian, Melinda Rose, was given only 2 weeks to live. However, she defied the odds and spent the next 6 months of her life full of love and joy, all the while raising awareness about how important care and support is for cancer patients.

In her memory and that of many others who strived against this debilitating disease, every 22nd September is honoured as the World Rose Day. On this day, people suffering from cancer are offered roses as a kind of gesture and no matter how jaded the struggle gets, it’s always comes as a kind and considerate surprise to those fighting this disease.

Here in India, the problem is even more acute. Many children suffer from cancer with most of them being congenital; and since a substantial proportion of them come from poor families, the problem becomes so much more critical.

5-year-old Neil Adam is one such child undergoing the harrowing ordeal of combating cancer. He has been battling Leukemia for over a year and his condition had witnessed some mild improvements followed by a subsequent major early relapse and now the cancer is back in full force. With your help, we can help Neil get the much needed bone marrow transplant surgery which, as of now, is his only  option to survive.

Day of the Deaf (September 26)


Imagine what it would feel like to never ever be able to experience music, hear the voices of the loved ones or listen to the sounds of nature again. Quite unthinkable, no? Yet, millions of Indians live their lives through that prospect, some say the number could be as high as 60 million.

Due to their inability to hear, the deaf are unable to employ language in the same way as we do. The only non-written mode of communication they have is through the use of  sign language which is understood by only a few.

Couple deafness with blindness and you have the most crippling form of disability altogether. Lack of two critical senses makes them more vulnerable than other  and as a result, they have to spend their lives within the confines of their own homes requiring constant supervision. However, with proper education and care this problem can be overcome, as evidenced by the example of Helen Keller who went on to become one of the most prolific writers of the 20th century.

AAINA aims to empower 30 deaf-blind children with the same by providing them with proper education and critical communication skills. Their effort could prove vital in enabling these children to become independent and better integrate within the society. You can read about their deeply moving story here.

World Tourism Day (September 27)


India hosts about 10 million tourists each year and generates 220 billion USD in 2016, nearly 10% of the GDP and provides over 40 million jobs. A major chunk of the tourism sector includes environmental and wildlife tourism. It is therefore, imperative that our environmental resources are protected and wildlife preserved.

And it is the cities that deserve protection, too. Our national capital Delhi consistently ranks among the most polluted cities in the world and air pollution poses a significant health risk to everyone residing within and detracts potential visitors who wish to experience the rich heritage and culture of the place. To help ease the burden, Verhaen Khanna has decided to protect 1713 trees from destruction in Pragati Maidan, with an aim to help the city breathe better. You can join New Delhi Nature Society on their project to save the city’s lungs.

Though the above days are good reasons, any day is a great day to start a fundraiser for your cause! 

Five Fun-Raising Ideas For July

Come this July, there are a lot of things happening around the world!  Plenty of awareness days and events that one can celebrate, and to celebrate them in the most meaningful way possible, you can start by raising funds to support a cause that resonates with you.

So here’s our roundup of fundraising ideas you can take up this July:

1) 3rd July: Sarcoma Awareness Week



Sarcoma is a rare and unusual type of cancer that manifests itself in people of all ages, and comprises about one percent of all cancer cases. It is specific to connective tissues present in the body. Normal connective tissues include, fats, blood vessels, nerves, bones, muscles, deep skin tissues, and cartilage. The treatment options available to Sarcoma patients usually involve expensive procedures like radiation, chemotherapy, targeted therapy, or sometimes, even surgery, the costs of which would deplete most sufferers off of their entire savings.

This July 2017, start a medical fundraiser for someone afflicted with sarcoma and help them get access to, and afford the necessary treatment.


2) 11th July: World Population Day

Indian students paint umbrellas with slogans and pictures during an awareness event to mark World Population Day in Allahabad on July 11, 2013. Africa and Asia are the continents that will see the fastest urban population growth in the next 40 years, a UN report said earlier in the year noting that India and China are leading the surge. The Earth's population is expected to roughly triple by 2050 compared to a century earlier. It stood at three billion in 1950, reached seven billion in 2011 and is likely to reach about 9.5 billion by 2050 -- a rise that will occur especially in the poorest countries, according to UN estimates. AFP PHOTO/SANJAY KANOJIASanjay Kanojia/AFP/Getty Images

The UNDP observes World Population Day to highlight  issues caused by due to overpopulation. like gender inequality, poverty, maternal health and human rights. With India having the second highest population in the world, and a very high poverty rate, this day is highly relevant to us. The theme for 2017, set by UNFPA, is ‘Family Planning in Developing Nations’.

Take this opportunity to start a fundraiser to setup awareness and educational programs in various parts of India which focus on providing information, services, and support for safe and voluntary family planning. Alternatively, if you are an NGO, you can take our 100% Impact Challenge where all the funds raised go directly to the NGO without any platform fees!

3) 15th July: World Youth Skills Day


Statistics have shown that 13 out of 100 Indians surveyed, between the ages of 5-29, never attended school because it was deemed unnecessary. These numbers are far more pronounced in the age group of 10-14 years, which are the formative years of any young mind.

However, some students are taking the initiative to increase public interest in technical skills by organising competitions that require comprehensive engineering and managerial skills.  On World Youth Skills Day, take a step towards supporting such campaigns, and increasing educational outreach by helping them raise funds.


4) 28th July: World Hepatitis Day


Being the heaviest organ in the body, the liver performs multiple functions, including purification of the body from harmful chemicals. Therefore, when a person’s liver malfunctions, it can bring about a lot of health problems upon the sufferer, and as a consequence, severe financial strain. For example, Hepatitis A, B, and C are the most common diseases associated with liver problems, for whom the majority of treatments are exceptionally costly. A person with limited financial means can hardly afford that.

If you or anyone you know is affected by a liver disease and needs funds for treatment, you can begin by starting a crowdfunding campaign on Impact Guru today, or you can support a pre-existing campaign. We have one that you can support!


5) 29th July: International Tiger Day

Mother and baby tiger cub; Shutterstock ID 65927428; title : Kids Website Overhaul; Client: Lisa Jewell

International Tiger Day is celebrated every year on the 29th of July to spread awareness about tiger conservation. With the tiger population in India  inching closer to extinction, initiatives like ‘Project Tiger’ were conceptualized by animal welfare organisations and wildlife enthusiasts to come forward and pledge protection to our national animal. This is to be accomplished by raising funds for awareness programs, legal and administrative steps, as well as steps to rehabilitate and repair the damage done to their ecosystem. This year on International Tiger Day, start a fundraiser to support organisations that work towards saving the tiger or help ongoing animal welfare projects!  


Let’s start making an Impact!