Let’s fight cancer together.

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Mumbai-based college festival Umang, has joined hands with Impact Guru and  Indian Cancer society to wage a war against cancer. The initiative wants to take this war to every Indian student via fundraising and advocacy! If Pokemon Go can go viral, so can this.

A shocking research conducted by National Cancer Patient Registry  revealed that, by 2020 approximately 12 Lakh Indians will be diagnosed with cancer. In a fast paced life like today, cancer is a silent killer. Moreover, other statistics reveal that every minute, nearly 12 people die due to cancer around the world, and 50% of those lose their lives to breast, lung or prostate cancer. That means that every hour, the population of a small village is wiped off the face of the earth.

While some cases of malignant cancer are naturally occurring the rest are caused due to improper and unhealthy lifestyle habits. The most prominent being ‘smoking’. A big issue haunting the youth. Observing that the magnanimity of this issue, the students at NM college Mumbai,  decided to take a stand against it. A co-ordinating student of the cultural college festival Umang said, “Many youngsters like us smoke cigarettes and hookah. Most of them do it, not realizing the repercussions of this dangerous habit”.The students realized that instead of watching their close ones fall prey to this deadly addiction, they could use their resourcefulness to bring about a positive change.



Coinciding with the annual cultural festival “Umang”, the main objective of the campaign is to reach out to cancer patients in the city and spread awareness about the disease and its causes among the youth. The students believed that the fest would give them the perfect platform to reach out to its participants in it. To take this idea further and embark on this journey against cancer ‘The Indian Cancer Society of India’ was roped in.





By associating with The Cancer Society of India, Umang hopes to embrace the poor and underprivileged cancer patients and also take their inspiring stories back to the youth, who need it the most.

Cancer is curable if detected during its early stages. However amongst their difficult life, most of the poor folk ignore early signs of cancer. The few who do, try and get it diagnosed but are unable to bear the cost of various diagnostic tests required before treatment can be started. Many would return home and come back to the hospital with the cancer in its advanced stages.       

The Dr. Arun Kurkure Program by the Indian Cancer Society helps such poor patients pay the initial part of their treatment. Any patient from a government hospital can take benefit of this fund.The focus being on early confirmation and diagnosis of the disease. ICS has already helped 1942 patients through its initiative and plans to help many more.


A day to salute those who slayed cancer!




In addition to their association with ICS, the students spent an entire day with cancer survivors at Ugam, an indian cancer society, that is home to many  inspiring stories.  A student from team Umang said, “These brave hearts  inspire us to look at only the positive things in life”. They interacted with the members of the society by playing musical instruments like the guitar and the ‘Jambe’, playing  melodies and  keeping everyone in a really joyous mood. Games like Passing the parcel, Dumb charades and Antakshri were played to make everyone come forward to display hidden talents, adding to the fun!


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These students are also striving to conduct educational and awareness related activities to help inculcate a healthy attitude towards health and lifestyle among peers and participants of the festival. As a part of this cancer campaign Umang  has decided to raise INR 3,21,000 for the Indian Cancer Society through Impact Guru.

It’s time you  join the Umang bandwagon too and fight this war against cancer. Along with the Cancer Society of India and Umang, you can help save precious lives: www.impactguru.com/umang