3 Truly Amazing Initiatives to Motivate You this New Year

We are marching towards a new year with great vigor in the next two days.
Everybody has their brain cells working on New Year resolution lists, ideas, gifts.
Let a quick read on these wow initiatives of 2016 motivate you to enter 2017, inspired.

1. Empowering Women – Valuing Crafts, Generating Livelihood   

RUAS is a nonprofit that is working towards promoting the valuable embroidery crafts of the region while also empowering the local artisan women to earn a livelihood with their talent. Suf is one of the lesser known embroidery art form from the region of Kutch, Gujarat that is being highlighted by them.

RUAS India

Recently, Madhu Jain –India’s leading craft revivalist also showcased the greatness of India’s rich weaving tradition in the first-ever French European India Fashion Week in Paris, an initiative of our Prime Minister co-hosted by Namaste France. October saw the French praising the SUF. Commendable, isn’t it?

2. Helping Animals Stand Back on their Feet

Making charity cool again !

Remember those days when people with tins went from home to home collecting “donations.” Well, we are way past those days! Today, we come across people organizing wine and dines, pledging to pour ice cold water over their heads or participating in a dance-off to raise money!

It’s no more just the privilege of the elite and the rich, anyone and everyone can be a part of the charity world. If you have a little time and a creative mind, no fundraising idea is out of bounds, or too crazy!  

The best part is that,  these “crazy ideas” can contribute to the greater good. If you need a little inspiration, here are a few of those whacky, out of the box and unique fundraisers!


1)A rickshaw ride to save the planet.


What if I told you a crazy adventure ride, on a rickshaw could save the rainforests of the world? Well, Rickshaw-run proved that it is possible! Till date team rickshaw run has raised a whopping £5.5 million, all for causes related to environmental preservation, and social causes closely related to environmental preservation and restoration. (here is an example of one of their fundraisers).


2) A game of basketball in the middle of a warzone.


We normally wouldn’t associate war and conflict with sports, but PeacePlayers turned a warzone into a game court! PeacePlayers impacted the lives of many youngsters in conflict ridden regions like South Africa, Northern Ireland, Cyprus, Israel and the West Bank with the help of sports, by incorporating an “on-court” curriculum to teach peace and leadership through basketball games!

They also raise funds for their initiative by organising basketball tournaments annually!


3) Making a difference with every step.

mera tera run

13 days, 13 Cities, 13 Half Marathons to bring about a tremendous social change. The “Mera Terah Run” included over 150 runners in this one of a kind mega run to  raise funds for  training and community development, preserving the coastal stretch in Maharashtra and empowering rural villages by spreading awareness and educating them Their fundraiser gathered a  tremendous INR 1.7 million and impacted several lives in the process.


4) Spinning the beats for a cause.


The renowned music artist David Guetta teamed up with the UN for the World Humanitarian Day as part of their social media campaign #TheWorldNeedsMore. Guetta’s live performance was premiered from the UN headquarters and in the process the building’s walls were transformed into the world’s largest Twitter feed! Each tweet and ReTweet from the event worked to raise one dollar to go directly toward aiding those in the Philippines, Syria, and other nations seriously affected by humanitarian crises and natural disasters.

5) A fundraiser to make India’s biggest campus go green.


When your college is spread across 500 acres, walking becomes a little tiring! Even after trying all modes of transport like autos & buses IIT Bombay campus’s “transport crisis” refused to be resolved, and moreover those modes were not eco-friendly.  Finally they hit a brilliant idea. They thought, “why not use cycles?” Thus was born the dynamic cycle sharing system which will provide 1000 cycles across 16 hostels for 10000 students. Making the students fit, and the campus green! (read their story here)

6) Making the game available to all.

challenged athletes

Challenged Athletes Foundation(CAF) is on a mission to make sure that people with physical challenges have the same freedom to enjoy sports as everyone else.

Providing equipment such as hand cycles and mono skis CAF ensures that physically challenged  athletes aren’t forced to sit out from activity because they cannot afford special equipment. Their signature fundraising events like the “Tour de Cover” and “The million dollar challenge” are known worldwide!

7) Boot Camp to bring baby Lucy home.

baby lucy

So, what do you do when you are stuck in a foreign country, trying to get your adopted baby girl, home? Organize a bootcamp, of course!

US couple, Bree and Cody left for China to adopt baby Lucy, but the proceedings were taking a little longer than they expected. Unfortunately they were running out of funds for their extended stay! But their friends back home helped them by organizing a fun summer boot camp to raise funds! The event was a huge success and baby Lucy was finally home!




These incredible stories have definitely blown my mind, what about you?

And you know what’s more?  If you have a cause close to your heart and a fundraising idea that’s unique and heartwarming, you can create a campaign and raise funds for your cause too! (Create a campaign now )


7 People who dared to change the world.

“It’s a bad, bad world”, goes a song that was written in the ’90s, and it very well resembles the world we live in today. Fortunately there are some people, who hope to change the way it has been, and strive for a better future.

They are people who have done the unthinkable and managed to spread a little hope in an otherwise hopeless world.

At Impact Guru we believe that everyone has the potential to do good and everyone has the power to initiate a change in the society.

Here are some awesome humans who have taken the worst from the society and given back their best. They have indeed dared to make a difference :


1)   Malala Yousafzai – the Pakistani nobel prize laureate who turned 19 just this week, has strived for justice for young girls in her country. Helping people comes naturally to her.

In a hostile environment that was controlled by the Taliban, she defied all odds to make education available to every girl who wished for it.

She rallied for her cause, inspite of getting shot by the Taliban when she was just 16.

Her bravery and passion won her worldwide recognition and mostly a new platform to empower her cause.





2)   Medha Patkar – The renowned Indian activist who initiated the “Narmada Bachao” campaign has become a legend in her own sense.

She campaigned for the tribals who were voiceless when it came to fight for their rights.

Hers was a fight against the government that decided to build a range of dams in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and uproot entire clans of tribals and adivasis from their livelihood.

Her determination to push every limit to get them justice is commendable!




3)   Nancy Goodman Brinker: You may not recognize Ms. Brinker’s name, but her contribution is one that has touched many lives and is still helping people.

Nancy’s journey began when her sister Susan died of breast cancer in her mid-thirties, Nancy promised her sister that she would do all she could to help the half-million women worldwide who are diagnosed with breast cancer every year.

Today, research grants dispensed by the “Susan G. Komen Foundation” have contributed to new treatments that have led to a marked decrease in the mortality rate.

In August this year, President Obama awarded Nancy (who is a breast cancer survivor) with the Medal of Freedom for her work.
nancy goodman



4)   His Holiness The Dalai Lama – Most of us know him to be a religious leader who lives a hermit’s life. But he is also a social reformer who has strived to make the life of his people better.

The Tibetan population has been under the Chinese persecution for decades now.

His holiness The Dalai Lama is known as the face of the Tibetan fight for justice globally.

He has even risked his life on occasion, to protect the rights that the Tibetan people deserve. He has contributed a great deal in terms of human rights, children’s education and advocacy against war & terrorism and continues helping people.




5)   Kailash Satyarthi– We witness thousands of child related crimes every day. Most children do not even know what they are entitled to and often suffer in silence.

Kailash Satyarthi is an Indian children’s rights and education advocate and an activist against child labour.

He founded the Bachpan Bachao Andolan in 1980 and has acted to protect the rights of more than 83,000 children from 144 countries and continues to contribute to society with his work. Amazing, no? 


kailash satyarthi



6)   Angelina Jolie–  Surprised to see this name here? Well don’t be. Once a person oblivious to  people’s suffering, was transformed after a visit to a war torn Cambodia.

Since then she has ventured far and high to help those who have been affected by the various violent terrorist and are struggle in the war zones.

She was named a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador and her humanitarian work really got going. 





7)   David Suzuki– We have abused the environment way beyond it deserves, but Dr. David has initiated a wave of transformation that hopes to preserve the environment.

Dr David Suzuki is a longtime activist who has advocated proactive ways to reverse global climatic change.

He has advocated ways in which we can protect the environment and with time even undo the damage we have done to it.

Still wondering how to help others?

Well, if you want to contribute to the society, if you have a cause close to your heart, you can begin here.