3 easy ways to fund your medical treatment

When someone in your family falls severely ill, aside from the trauma of the sickness itself, medical expenses and hospital bills can be really damaging to the family. In India, where health and sanitation facilities are not easily accessible or affordable for all, especially in many rural regions, catching a life threatening disease or illness is feared.


The most practical measure to seek help with medical bills is to have medical insurance. But realistically speaking, the greater number of our population may not be able to afford medical insurance. So they resort to other ways, such as applying for loans or asking friends and family for money.


Here are three useful ways to seek financial help for medical treatment:


1.)  Medical Loans: 


medical fund blog-Loan


As long as there are no previous loans or arrears, with the right documentation and verification process, application for financial help for medical treatment in the form of a loan can be raised with the bank for medical emergencies. Alternatively, one can even take a personal loan from a friend or a family member for little or no interest to get help with medical bills.


2.) NGOs or Private trusts


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There are many NGOs and private trusts that have been set up solely to provide financial help for medical treatment to people suffering from a certain medical condition. For instance, there are cancer societies, AIDS trusts, associations for the blind, to name a few. Most of these associations have strong networks with philanthropists, and even government networks, who can offer subsidized treatments and schemes for payments.  


3.) Crowdfunding


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Crowdfunding is another very effective way to raise funds for medical expenses. This method relies on effectively communicating your urgency for funds to a large number of individuals, groups, and organizations, who can be persuaded to contribute even small amounts through online platforms. There are many crowdfunding portals such as Impact Guru, that one can use to set up their campaign and apply for financial help for medical treatment. While it is a newer method, it is growing in popularity owing to its ease of usage and effectiveness of fund utilization.


When a loved one’s life is in jeopardy, and can only be saved through an expensive medical procedure, the need of the hour is to find any way that you can to get medical help and raise money for treatment.

Worried about paying the medical bills? Sign up to get access to financial help for medical treatment.




Worried about paying the medical bills? Sign up to get access to financial help for medical treatment.

5 apps and devices which help women feel safer

One of my most poignant revelations about the world came to me when I was just a child.

I sat with one of my parents’ friends and listened with horrified wonder at stories of their trips to South Africa. Coming from England, my travelling experience hadn’t extended further than Scotland until I was into my late teens, so these tales of distant lands plagued with violent crime both compelled and repelled my young mind.
For the first time, (but certainly not the last) I became overtly aware of my own fortunate circumstance to have been born in a place so safe. I had never experienced the fear that many people undergo each day of harassment, abduction, exploitation, murder, rape, attack, robbing, theft or many of the other horrific crimes that I learnt existed that day. Until then, the extent of my anxiety of the world came from getting lost on the Lego floor in Hamley’s.
Voicing this point, my own perceived safety in my own country was then questioned by those wiser than I was; would I feel safe walking through a dark alleyway? Would I leave the house late at night on my own? Would I leave my door unlocked whilst I slept?
I concluded reluctantly that the feeling of safety is subjective to what we feel comfortable with. I was familiar with the norms and levels of danger within my own culture so had learnt what scenarios to avoid. It was a pure, simplistic philosophy that could only come from a child, but the sad, stark reality of it has stuck with me ever since; nowhere in the world is truly safe.
Unfortunately, as far as safety and vulnerability is concerned, my gender hasn’t been as favourable as my geography. According to the UN, 1 in 2 women worldwide were killed by their partner or family, in comparison to 1 in 20 for males. 2.6 billion women worldwide live in countries where marital rape is still legal, and 98% of the victims of 21 million human trafficking victims worldwide are women.
Thankfully today, something my young mind wouldn’t have been able to fathom, there is a whole host of apps and devices have been developed to help women across the world feel safer. I could write a whole other blog on the positive influence the internet has had on women’s safety awareness, attitudes and building movements that fight acceptance of these crimes. [link to other blog on this when written]. But for now, I’ve listed below my top five apps and devices that I rely on regularly. Thank you technology.


1. StaySafe
This app allows a GPS track you for a pre-set amount of time and will send an emergency text to your contacts if you don’t respond to its check-in when that time is up.


The morning of 19th June was something of a colourful and fun affair.

Two organisations came together to hold a fundraiser for Florida English Medium School, located in Padrayanapura, Bangalore.

Started in 1999, the school, caters to students from low income families in it’s neighbourhood. The school building was unkempt and in dire need of renovation.This necessity was identified by Mantra4change an NGO operating locally, who then approached Ivyplus network.

Ivy Plus Network is a platform for Indian alumni from top global universities. Swati Sahni, founder of Ivy Plus said,”We were fortunate to receive good education in good institutions, but there are some who are not so fortunate. We live in an unjust society where not everyone gets a fair shot at life. We at Ivy Plus believe that we can use our advantage to help those in need, and give back to the society.”


The project lacked the funds to make it a success. Realizing the issue at hand, Ivy Plus  turned towards Impact Guru, an online crowdfunding platform to raise funds effectively.The organizers of the event, set up an online fundraiser on the platform. Once the fundraiser was live and running, donations started trickling in almost immediately.  

Donation tickets, that were worth INR 1200 each were sold to the donors. This ticket would give the donors an opportunity to join the organizers for a full day of fun and painting!

The funds raised, would cover the expense of buying paints and employing professional painters.The organizing members, and the donors would later paint designs and educational symbols over the base coat.


The total cost of the entire project was INR 60,000. Even so, the fundraiser received overwhelming response, and raised Rs.74,000, going well beyond the target amount!

For the final event 20 volunteers were expected to be present. However over 40 volunteers turned up and joined IvyPlus in action. The volunteers included graphic designers who let their creativity take over and helped design the motifs and symbols that were supposed to go upon the walls. Ivy Plus member Natasha Hemdev said, “We made the event as fun as possible for everyone. We decided to designate each wall to a few volunteers and they could claim ownership over any wall of their choice! The graphic designers were of great assistance, and made sure every wall had the most perfect pictures and patterns.” Many of the school teachers and senior students also came forward to be a part of the event. “The principal of the school was actively involved in the entire project, and helped us with all necessary arrangements” added Natasha. Together they spruced up the walls with vibrant colours.


By the end of the day, the tired volunteers were treated to a wonderful meal that was sponsored by ‘The Waverly Hotels’ and also rewarded with cool t-shirts for their participation.

Natasha Hemdev added, Ivy Plus is always looking for opportunities to engage in such activities that have a positive effect on the society.

In all, the event was a major success and managed to accomplish what it set out for, that is: Paint smiles!