Top 10 Potential Causes of Cancer

Every day we are bombarded with information that point towards the materials that are potential causes of cancer. From mobile phones and microwaves to food items, many things that we rely on in our daily life can evidently be causes of cancer. Now we may not be able to do away with a lot of these things, but we can be more mindful about our exposure to the top 10 causes of cancer.

Read on to understand what causes cancer –



In certain cases, cancer may run in the family due to similar habits that present high exposure to cancer causing elements like smoking and obesity among others. Though cancer itself is not transferred from one generation to the next, one may inherit an abnormal gene that can cause cancer.


Tobacco and Smoking

When we research about what causes cancer, smoking constitutes one major reason behind the disease Tobacco contains harmful substances such as nicotine, benzene, methanol, cyanide, etc. and when we consume this mixture through cigarettes or cigars, our body absorbs the carcinogenic smoke that increases the risk of cancer by affecting the genes in our body. Studies show that regular smokers have a higher risk of suffering from lung cancer than non-smokers.


Improper Diet

Improper diet is also considered as one the most important cancer causes. Eating well is an important part of reducing the risk of getting cancer. Researchers advise that it is best to stick to a diet of fresh and whole foods that are free of preservatives. This is because in many cases, packed food labeled as sugar-free, low-fat or low-calorie may contain substitutes that are harmful or carcinogenic.  


Physical Activity

Being physically inactive affects our body’s metabolism and studies have shown that regular exercise can prevent the cells in our body from multiplying. Controlling your weight with physical activity at least 3-4 times per week has the potential to reduce cancer risk, obesity, as well as heart diseases.


Sun rays

Sunlight is the primary source of Vitamin D but overexposure to the ultraviolet rays emitted by it can put one at risk of getting skin diseases or skin cancer.


Electronic Radiation

The low-energy electromagnetic radiation emitted by devices like mobile phones and microwave ovens increase the risk of being affected by cancer. In order to reduce the risk, it is advised that we use such devices in moderation.


Vehicular Pollution

This is known to be one of the most potent cancer causes. The exhaust from vehicles create a complex mixture of soot and gases, that when exposed to for too long, can cause lung cancer. If you are exposed to such toxic air regularly, you can take simple precautions like using a mask and covering your face while travelling.



The appearance of multiple cosmetic products in the market has led to a considerable rise in the risk of contracting skin cancer. Certain makeup products, hair dyes, antiperspirants, etc. contain chemicals that may be carcinogenic and show up as skin rashes or allergies that can be symptoms of skin cancer.


Increase in the Cellular Phone Towers

The widespread use of cell phones have led to a rapid increase in the number of cellular phone towers in our cities. They receive and transmit radiofrequency (RF) signals, which are given off into the environment, that could constitute a potential health hazard to humans.


Medical Tests and Treatments

Medical tests and treatments are considered to be an important part of our healthy life. But there are some types of tests and treatments that also have the potential to increase a person’s risk of developing cancer. One should consult their physicians to understand what causes cancer before undergoing the prescribed medical tests.


Nowadays, most of us would know someone in our close circle who would be suffering from this fatal disease. All of us are aware that cancer doesn’t just exact its toll on a person’s health, but also drains their finances. There are several ways to raise funds for cancer, but if those fail to do the job, we need to look at alternative methods such as crowdfunding just like Guru, whose friends raised INR 4,55,090 to finance his expensive Leukemia treatment

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5 ways to Raise Funds for Cancer Treatment


From doctor’s bills to expensive medications and tests to radiation and chemotherapy, cancer devastates millions of lives every year. Inability to get the financial help for cancer patients often leads to lost hopes, and sufferers just giving up.


But today thankfully, there are newer and more innovative ways to raise funds for cancer treatment, such as crowdfunding, that are not only easier and faster but also come without the long-term implications such as interests on loan.


This World Cancer Day, Impact Guru presents to you a list of 5 ways, you can raise funds for your loved one who is fighting cancer:


Online crowdfunding campaign for cancer patients

There are several online portals for crowdfunding, such as Impact Guru that enables you to use the power of technology to ask people to donate for your treatment costs. All you have to do is create a compelling campaign story, accompanied with audio-visuals, that can be directly aimed at potentials donors, such as cancer survivor networks, and others involved in philanthropy. Once your campaign is put out to the people, anyone who connects with your cause, will donate and help you fight the disease.


A fundraising event for cancer patients

There are various kinds of charity events that you can organize, to have people come together for a good cause. Some ideas for cancer fundraisers are: charity runs for patients on World Cancer Day, musical concerts, bake sales, etc. All you have to do is mobilize the crowd by inviting them to your event. Let them know about the disease, how long you’ve been fighting it, what type of cancer you have, and which treatment can save your life. Not only does it provide financial help for the cancer patient, but it also allows people to be part of a fun activity.


The power of virality on social media

Remember the ALS ice bucket challenge? Within 2 days, everyone was aware of the disease. It became so viral, that celebrities and famous personalities were doing the challenge on social media, and asking people to donate to the cause. That was one of the most successful, viral fundraising activity that ever took place to raise awareness for a disease.


Direct donations from your family and friends

Your family and friends are your closest and most supportive network. Since they know you personally, they will surely step forward to help you raise money for your treatment. These are the people who care for you most and want to see you get better, so don’t hesitate in contacting them for help.


NGOs, private trusts, and government schemes

There are several associations for cancer aid, and cancer survivors, that give financial assistance to people who cannot afford treatment. Aside from that, there are also several government schemes, that help sufferers with grants, to pay for expensive treatments.


We hope this list helps you in case, you are raising funds for someone who is fighting cancer. Being a sufferer of this fatal disease is never easy, and adding to the sorrow is the struggle that families go through to raise sufficient funds for treatment. The most important thing is to not give up hope and to employ these innovative methods in emerging out safe and sound.
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Let’s fight cancer together.

war against cancer umang


Mumbai-based college festival Umang, has joined hands with Impact Guru and  Indian Cancer society to wage a war against cancer. The initiative wants to take this war to every Indian student via fundraising and advocacy! If Pokemon Go can go viral, so can this.

A shocking research conducted by National Cancer Patient Registry  revealed that, by 2020 approximately 12 Lakh Indians will be diagnosed with cancer. In a fast paced life like today, cancer is a silent killer. Moreover, other statistics reveal that every minute, nearly 12 people die due to cancer around the world, and 50% of those lose their lives to breast, lung or prostate cancer. That means that every hour, the population of a small village is wiped off the face of the earth.

While some cases of malignant cancer are naturally occurring the rest are caused due to improper and unhealthy lifestyle habits. The most prominent being ‘smoking’. A big issue haunting the youth. Observing that the magnanimity of this issue, the students at NM college Mumbai,  decided to take a stand against it. A co-ordinating student of the cultural college festival Umang said, “Many youngsters like us smoke cigarettes and hookah. Most of them do it, not realizing the repercussions of this dangerous habit”.The students realized that instead of watching their close ones fall prey to this deadly addiction, they could use their resourcefulness to bring about a positive change.



Coinciding with the annual cultural festival “Umang”, the main objective of the campaign is to reach out to cancer patients in the city and spread awareness about the disease and its causes among the youth. The students believed that the fest would give them the perfect platform to reach out to its participants in it. To take this idea further and embark on this journey against cancer ‘The Indian Cancer Society of India’ was roped in.





By associating with The Cancer Society of India, Umang hopes to embrace the poor and underprivileged cancer patients and also take their inspiring stories back to the youth, who need it the most.

Cancer is curable if detected during its early stages. However amongst their difficult life, most of the poor folk ignore early signs of cancer. The few who do, try and get it diagnosed but are unable to bear the cost of various diagnostic tests required before treatment can be started. Many would return home and come back to the hospital with the cancer in its advanced stages.       

The Dr. Arun Kurkure Program by the Indian Cancer Society helps such poor patients pay the initial part of their treatment. Any patient from a government hospital can take benefit of this fund.The focus being on early confirmation and diagnosis of the disease. ICS has already helped 1942 patients through its initiative and plans to help many more.


A day to salute those who slayed cancer!




In addition to their association with ICS, the students spent an entire day with cancer survivors at Ugam, an indian cancer society, that is home to many  inspiring stories.  A student from team Umang said, “These brave hearts  inspire us to look at only the positive things in life”. They interacted with the members of the society by playing musical instruments like the guitar and the ‘Jambe’, playing  melodies and  keeping everyone in a really joyous mood. Games like Passing the parcel, Dumb charades and Antakshri were played to make everyone come forward to display hidden talents, adding to the fun!


umang campaign


These students are also striving to conduct educational and awareness related activities to help inculcate a healthy attitude towards health and lifestyle among peers and participants of the festival. As a part of this cancer campaign Umang  has decided to raise INR 3,21,000 for the Indian Cancer Society through Impact Guru.

It’s time you  join the Umang bandwagon too and fight this war against cancer. Along with the Cancer Society of India and Umang, you can help save precious lives: