Five things you did not know about Cancer!

Cancer is the 21st century’s most dreaded health challenge. It is common knowledge that cancer is a deadly disease with a bleak chance of survival. However how many of us know that 30% of all cancer can be prevented? Yes, if diagnosed early, cancer is preventable. We list out some shocking facts about cancer which go much deeper than just the number of casualties. Here are some statistics on cancer that are sure to present cancer in a light that you may not have seen before.


#Fact 1

As per the Health Organization, cases of cancer diagnosis every year are close to a staggering 14 million a year. However in the next two decades, the number of cases diagnosed with cancer will be 22 million a year. In two decades the amount of people being diagnosed with cancer will be close to Australia’s population! Not a statistic the world should be proud of.


#Fact 2

Every minute, nearly 12 people die due to cancer around the world, and 50% of those lose their lives to breast, lung or prostate cancer. That means that every hour, the population of a small village is wiped off the face of the earth.


#Fact 3

More than 30% of cancer can be prevented. And the prevention of cancer lies not in taking extraordinary measures to shield yourself from the disease. Rather, it involves making simple lifestyle choices such as eating healthy, keeping up with exercise, and not indulging in life threatening habits like smoking!


#Fact 4

Tobacco use is the most important risk factor for cancer causing around 20% of global cancer deaths and around 70% of global lung cancer deaths. And while it is made abundantly clear that smoking is not conducive to health, many still continue to do so! As much as this doesn’t seem a shocking statistic, to put it into perspective, the World Health Organisation estimates that more than 100 million people died due to tobacco use over the 20th century, and almost 40% of those due to smoking.


#Fact 5

Cancer arises from a single cell, a cell which can arise in the body around 6-10 times in a person’s life. However it’s factors such as eating unhealthy foods, smoking, and so on which aggravate cancer. The risk of cancer increases by almost 55% when such unhealthy lifestyles habits are brought into the picture.