This Diwali, let’s do things differently

Every Diwali, we end up doing the same things: the customary Diwali puja, firecracker light show, card parties, lavish dinners, sending gifts to loved ones, indulging in a LOT of sweets, and yes, cleaning your home among other things!

This Diwali, however, we dare you make a difference to someone else’s life! Yes, trust us there are many who could use a little love and support.

Here are five easy ways to light up someone’s life this Diwali:

1. Instead of discarding your old clothes/household items DONATE THEM! That outfit from last season that does not fit you, it will bring a smile on someone’s face.

2. Instead of buying diyas/gifts from your neighborhood store, buy them from an NGO!  Here are two such NGOs who make products we love!

3. Light up someone’s life- LITERALLY! You can volunteer with NGO’s that distribute solar lanterns among the poor (be it even one lantern and one home.) One such campaign you can support is Project Chirag– You could volunteer at an NGO for one weekend or simply clean up the cracker mess in your building/locality! Yes, clearing up the Diwali mess for your building caretaker will bring a smile on his/her face, even better, leave a happy Diwali note after you do. :)

4. Donate the profits you earn from card parties to an NGO or buy something for the poor. Yes, all that money you earned during your card parties, DONATE IT! The feeling we assure you is PRICELESS.

5. Teach something to the underprivileged, it could be something like choreography on the latest Bollywood hit or an instrument you play. And if you have to burst crackers, burst it with the underprivileged who do not enjoy these luxuries.

You will remember this Diwali for the rest of your life, we promise you that!

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