5 safest cities in Asia for women

The ‘kring-krings’ ‘ting-tings’ pom-poms’ of a city can be an addiction for anyone, especially if you’re born with an amicable disposition for crowded markets, roadside chats and those bhangra-full shaadis where the party never ever stops. But the adrenaline rush of throbbing city life, often comes with the pressing headache of women’s safety, with questions like Is it safe to party out late at night?’’ Can I walk back safely to my hotel room, although it is 2 past midnight?”, “Will the cab drivers fleece me?”  Often rankling inside your head, like the ceaseless static of insolent flies. Not to worry, Asia-pacific region is filled with thriving cities, which are hotspots of pulsating life and energy, which rank refreshingly low on crime besides usual suspects like Hong Kong or  Singapore. So here is Impact Guru’s list of 5 really amazing cities in Asia, that you can visit someday, if you want to be entranced by some heady urban buzz, without the accompanying panic attacks.

       1. Kyoto, Japan: The city of ‘Okiagari-koboshi’ and Zen in everything:


Kyoto is often considered as the ancient heartbeat of Japan. The Epicentre of everything from yummy kaiseki (a traditional multi course Japanese meal) to gardens of lavender to fall in love with, Kyoto is one city you wouldn’t want to miss in a zillion lifetimes. As far as women safety goes, it is one of the best places on earth and the only violent thing that you might ever witness is the rather fierce remonstrations of the Zen monks, as they try to inspire you to follow the spartan ways of the Zen. This is due to the cultural and social tendencies of Japanese society, which encourage people to control their passions and behave with politeness always, thereby reducing the possibility of most crimes significantly. So feel happy and peaceful in Kyoto  without any care or fear and  don’t miss out on buying the traditional roly -poly dolls known as ‘Okiagari-koboshi’ as they are really really cute, with a smile to lighten up the dullest office day.

2. Davao, Philippines: The clean and green ‘gem’ of Mindanao Philippines


If you love your tan, with cool coconut mojitos and limitless fun under the silver shadows of the full moon, then Davao, the ‘green’ of Mindanao is the place for you. It’s people are incredibly friendly and do everything with color and vigor, that is surely gonna impress you to the hilt. And since it is the 9th safest city on earth, you probably don’t have to worry much about your safety, except for that pesky bump while riding the turquoise waves of the Pacific or getting maniacally overwhelmed by the unique smell of the durian (Spoiler alert: You may break up with your boyfriend after eating this). Davao’s has really low rates of violent and petty crime, primarily because it is filled with people who value smiles and love, more than possessions or lust, with everyone willing to help each other, without the usual judgements of class or color. This is also the reason why davao has become a ideal hotspot, for various crowdfunded social initiatives like days for girls and others. So come to davao if your want to soak up some sun, along with little tid-bits of happiness and good karma

3. Tokyo, Japan: To awaken up ‘the shark’ inside you


Tokyo, is the place for you if you like celebrating all things weird and fringy without harm or offense. From wacky cos-play to robotic rock n rolla, this is one place that will definitely make ‘the GodZilla’ inside you smile with glee. Be enthralled by the neon lights of Shibuya, feel at peace with the world under the shadows of endless chrysanthemums at the Imperial gardens, shop till you drop, at Ginza and Asakusa, or eat shark meat at the world’s largest fish market at Tsukiji. But most importantly feel yourself liberated amidst zombie bands and hidden Karaoke cafes with abandon, because Tokyo is considered the world’s safest metropolis,  with such low incidences of crime, that’s primarily due to the fact, that most Japanese, by culture and tradition, value politeness and relationships, far more than obsessions or extreme passions, this coupled by past experiences of extreme violence (Think World War-2) , and you have a society that prefers a muted laugh and violent fantasies. So if you are Techno- crazy, Manga-fanatic or just want to see earthquake -proof skyscrapers as Pikachu, Tokyo is the destination for you.

4. Ho-Chi- Minh, Vietnam:  Go ‘bike crazy’, without any harm


Are you a bike aficionado? Do you believe that cycling is the best thing to happen to human civilization? Then this city is the best deal for you, cause here bikes and scooters and cycles still rule the roost. So create some beautiful memories and friendships and catch on all the ‘no holds barred’ fun, by roaming around the whole city in your very own bike, while relishing on some of the yummiest street food ever concocted and sweet home roasted coffee, that is sure to beat the finest that Paris has to offer. Ho Chi Minh also ranks high on women’s safety. Incidences of violent crimes are low, and the only thing that you have to ward off against, are probably pickpockets and rip-offs. Vietnamese people are gentle and affable, so you wouldn’t face any ‘judgemental’ issues over there also. And if you are one of those, seeking a healthy boost to your #nirvana quotient, then Ho-Chi-Minh is the place for you,being home to some amazing social initiatives and programs, that you can lend your volunteering hand to. So Visit Ho-Chi-Minh, for some earnest smiles and eclectic stories.

5. Taipei, Taiwan: where happiness is ‘infectious’


Are you the one, searching for the miracle of 24*7 book shop, or the one wishing to share your warm cuppa with the fluffiest cutest cats? Then this ultra-smart capital of one of the world’s coolest countries, is the perfect choice for you. Taipei, is beautiful,warm, friendly, eccentric and eclectic. It is the place where metals beats and independence dreams fit perfectly with the zing of ultra-thin smartphones and the magic of the ‘flying lanterns’.  Women’s safety is also great, partly because of it being gun- free and partly due to the honest and hard -working nature of the people, who don’t thrive on ‘short-cuts’. Add to all this, the most efficient and hi-tech Subway system, and you have a city that is welcoming 24*7. So do visit Taipei, for lots of smiles and everlasting friendships.  

Safety is essentially a subjective value, with different interpretations for different people. And every place will always has it’s proverbial ‘rotten apples’ to sour things up,however what makes these cities different, is that they dare to be wild and pulsating, without the overarching pinnacles of  violence and crime. So do try out these cities, whether as a traveller, or as someone searching for a more eccentric perspective on life. And if you want your city and the world to be more safe and peaceful, then do your bit by contributing to women’s safety on Impact guru 

Bon voyage everyone!

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