Why choose Impact Guru? Crowdfunding is a fairly new concept in India

Crowdfunding is a fairly new concept in India. But in the in past couple of years success stories from the west, internet boom in India and its inherent advantage to do well has given birth to a lot of crowdfunding marketplaces in India.

According to reports, global crowdfunding experienced accelerated growth in 2014, expanding by 167 percent to reach $16.2 billion raised, up from $6.1 billion in 2013. In 2015, the industry is set to more than double once again, on its way to raising $34.4 billion. And In India, there are many similar platforms helping causes and ventures raise money. However, at Impact Guru we believe internet penetration and social media usage are at their tipping point. And India is now ready for a crowdfunding revolution. However, unlike our peers our focus is making user experience. And have prioritized being different over competing. This is what we do differently.

1. We realize the potential collaboration on the web has and is an area of exponential growth. And social media is an essential ingredient in this growth recipe. So we decided to put a price tag on every Facebook share. Our innovation links social media and social impact so beautifully that the whole process becomes more fun and engaging. Almost like a game. Social Media Impact led Engagement or S.M.I.L.E. is a feature that basically means, more popular your campaign on social media, lower is your fundraising cost. This is an in-house innovation that no one offers domestically or internationally.

2. Disrupting the pricing scenario. Our S.M.I.L.E helps the nonprofit bring down its fundraising cost down to 5% levels, one of the lowest in the country.  [Please see our pricing page to understand]

3. We provide a very comprehensive social media integration and help you spread the word using WhatsApp (mobile only), LinkedIn, Twitter and email within seconds.

4. Engaging India’s youth. India is home to one of the largest youth population in the world, having more than 430 million people between the age of 14 & 35. These millennials are a part of today’s overly connected and digitized society, and of these half a billion, i.e. one-third are online. They aren’t hesitant to post their views and opinions on social media platforms. We want to empower them and help them leverage social media so they can bring about change.

5. Since 99.99% of our work is online, the technology has to be top-notch or the product is a fail. We realised that and have made sure the website supports various platforms and devices. At the same time is 100% safe.

6. We want to make the experience for our non-profit partners as enjoyable as possible and in compliance with the Indian laws. So we decided to give 80G certificates to all donations made on our platform. This was done to safeguard our beneficiaries from any legal troubles.

7. Connecting volunteers to the social cause they care about. Not only do we help nonprofits raise money, but also help them find the a passionate supporter base.

8. Foreign donations we believe will be a game changer.  Think of domestic donations as the basic food and foreign donations as multivitamins. They will act as a catalyst and make the campaign more global.

9. We provide a constant supply of guidance, consulting on outreach and campaign creation to our various stakeholders – nonprofits, individual sand corporates.

10. Every non-profit gets a relationship manager, as we believe in making the experience more personal.

So stop thinking, start crowdfunding!

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